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The Strain by Guillermo del Toro
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Aug 24, 2009

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Eph Goodweather is a doctor for the CDC and when a mysterious plane lands at JFK they call him to come take a look. The plane landed just fine and then shut down (power, air, communications, everything). Eph and his team open up the dead plane to find all of the passengers dead in their seats, all except 4 who can't remember what happened to them. The CDC quarantines the survivors as they being to study the dead bodies, all of their blood has been replaced with a gooey white liquid. The next night, Eph is attacked by one of the survivors in a rage, the bodies go missing from the morgue and Eph framed for the crime. Eph begins to grasp what is going on when he meets an old man outside the hospital who knows more than anyone should.

I would give the first 3/4ths of this book 5 stars! But then it really started to lag. Some of the characters have some major lapses in judgment which doesn't seem to fit the personalities that the authors had worked so long and hard to build. I think the worst part of this was at the very end, here is a short summary of the situation: human's in house, vampire sneaks in, human 1 wants to kill said vampire, human 2 stops human 1 and lets vampire escape. Then "he knew that this wasn't the end of it, she would come back for him, she would always haunt him, he would have to destroy her." When not 2 paragraphs before he stopped someone from doing just that! Seriously.

On a more positive note, I listened to this on audiobook (it was recommended that way) and it was amazing. Read by the very talented Ron Pearlman (Hellboy). I have always liked Pearlman's voice and this was pure velvet. He does accents really well and each character was fantastic, especially the old Ukrainian professor. If you are going to read this, you must, absolutely must listen to it on audiobook!

This is probably not a series I am going to finish but the first book was really good up until the last part.

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