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The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks
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Sep 26, 2007

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Recommended for: Anyone who likes love stories.
Read in September, 2007

I read this book right after I read Twilight because I was on a romance kick (very rare, I promise) and I couldn't get my hands on New Moon. At first I was worried it was going to be lame because it makes it seem like it's going to be another story about what a jerk the main guy is and how he's neglecting his wife. However, I really liked the way the author made Wilson not a bad guy, but a good guy who just doesn't know any better. I usually don't like mushy books because it always seems like it's way overdone, but this book was really sweet.

The one aspect I didn't really like was the author ties the book to his previous one (which I love) The Notebook. I guess you could argue that it plays a big part in this story, but I really don't think so. I kinda think the author tied the two together to get people to buy this second book. However, I think it stands fine on it's own.

Warning:: If you cry easily in books, this could get you to tear up. Plus, if you are one of those girls who always hopes your husband were a hopeless romantic, but honestly, he never has been so chances are he never will be, don't read this book. Well, I take that back. Read it if you can look at it as sort of a guide on things YOU can do yourself FOR your husband. It made me want to be a lot nicer to JD.
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message 1: by Lisa (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:44PM) (new)

Lisa I started that book but never finished it because I got too busy but I think I'll have to start reading it again.

message 2: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee I've just started it and I've just finished The Notebook. I have high hopes for this book. It is only the third book of MS and I am now a fan. Wilson I'd like so many people who get caught up with life. Can't wait to see if he can renew the marriage.

Casey George The Wedding is probably my favorite book right now! It had some suspense in it but also had a lot of romance. I loved how Nicholas Sparks tied everything together! I could hardly put the book down at times. There was never a dull moment in the book. Some moments you didn't know what was going to happen especially towards the end! it had a huge twist! If i was told to read it again i would do it with out hesitating! The Wedding had a great plot and everything to it! It was about a man named Wilson Lewis who has come to face the fact that his wife Jane is falling out of love with him and its all his fault. He is a very busy business man so he never makes time for Jane or the kids. Now, thirty years later he is now coming to realize all this, so he tires all he can to make Jane fall in love with him all over again. Dispite the shinning example of his in-laws and their fifty-year love affaire, Wilson is unable to express feelings. Now his oldest daughter is about to get married and his wife id thinking about leaving him. But if Wilson is sure of anything, it is this: His love for Jane has grown over the years, and he will do anything in his power to make her fall back in love with him. Even if it means that he has to do everything all over again

Shamaila Ali Hasan while i am reading this book, i feel this will happen to me as well.. my husband is an excellent man but i sometimes regret for him not being so expressive. he is an excellent example of action speak loudeer than words but i sometimes dont like that. i like the book while i am reading.

Jasmine Yeah my husband is awesome and amazing but not a romantic at all, and this book made me ridiculously depressed about that. Reminder: not every husband is as sensitive as Nicholas Sparks.

Shamaila Ali Hasan but its also true that the book teaches you to b nicer to your husband

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