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Crony Capitalism in America by Hunter Lewis
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it was amazing

A well documented and extensively researched book regarding the unholy alliance of the Mussolini/Hitlarian corporativist style of fascism between government and big business that exposes many industries not only in America but worldwide. How there is a perpetual private/public revolving door between those who run companies such as Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, General Electric and General Motors who then get into high office, or fund others during elections, to influence and construct legislation favouring the companies they use to work for, and who usually go back to work for after 4 years in politics, at the expense of us all.

Hunter Lewis has documented and footnoted well the causes and has named the characters involved in the crash of 2008,the bank bailouts, the missing $2 billion from MF Global, the pandering to uncompetitive
high wage cost labour unions at the illegal usurping of property rights of GM and Chrysler bondholders, the protective non-sue clause legislation for Monsanto most likely influenced by former Monsanto employee Michael Taylor who just conveniently happens to work for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Monsanto's selling of genetically engineered foods which also happens to be a blatant contravention of code one of the Nuremberg code with its unlabeled genetically engineered foods being forced upon a generally unsuspecting public who have no idea of the long term multi-generational ill health effects the consumption of these foods will have on Monsanto's experimenting on us like guinea pigs. Mentioned are the studies of cancerous tumors experienced by rats that are fed a lifetime diet of genetically engineered food and how some mammals, by the third generation, become infertile. But the FDA says it's O.K. for us to eat these foods! The subsidization of Solyndra, the ill effects of big pharma and the true eugenics agenda of the vaccination industry. Its links to autism in the case of the mumps, measles, rubella vaccination, neurological diseases, sterilization and links to deaths and cancer in the case of the Gardisil vaccination and narcolepsi and the supression of the immune system with the H1N1 swine flu media scare a few years back. The yearly flu shot vaccination, along with the other vaccinations mentioned also contain brain cell eating mercury a.k.a. thimerisol, formaldyhide and aluminum as ingredients all the while the vaccination industry is also immune from being sued as well. Studies have shown that by taking high doses of vitamin D are not only safe but much more beneficial to preventing the flu than any vaccination has ever been.

This book reminds me of when I use to run a business and how between 15 and 25 years ago I came to the conclusion that we live in a fascist rather than a capitalist economy where special interests are given favour at the expense of anyone who may compete against the so
called established business ruling elite to the detriment of the consumer's freedom to choose. This book illustrates well how corporate interests fund fat cat career politicians and their accompanying political staff, along with their gold plated pensions and salaries,
parasitically and vampirically feeding and sucking off the taxpayers labour by enforcing licensure, employing legislative favouritism and regulations that are designed for the benefit of the established elite who are exempt from such legislation, to keep the marginal producers out of the business arena by protecting their business cronies who keep
them in power by funding their election campaigns to ultimately injure and not protect the consumer from unscrupulous business practices of expensive/high profit margin low quality goods and services that government favouritism brings about.

Due to our not having a capitalist economy in Canada either, I have and will continue to refuse to run a business or invest, other than in gold and silver mining companies. ever again until we become a capitalist economy by eliminating all governments and abolishing the
economically distortive, inherently bankrupt fractional reserve central banking system by returning to the gold standard as illustrated in Hunter Lewis's companion book to Crony Capitalism in America 2008 to 2012 "Free Prices Now!Fixing the Economy and Abolishing the Fed."

Although not mentioned, this book is a good look into the globalist, new world order, eugenics based depopulation police state, high tech spycontrol grid program of the United Nations' Agenda 21, property rights destroying, fake "save the earth," environmental movement based on junk science that is bent on the deindustrialization, fascistic and neo-feudalistic path the third world has gone through and United States of America is currently going through. A chapter exposing this fake environmentalist plot based on junk science of so called anthropogenic global warming, which hasn't occured in the past 16 years despite what the propagandist, bought and paid for government controlled media claims, caused by the essential nutrient to life, CO2 that plants breathe to produce oxygen is very much in the crony capitalist sphere of influence and would have added further value to the book. It's not our industry and breathing that is an environmental threat but rather the fractional reserve inflationary, economic bubble creating banking system led by Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo, Citibank to name a few in an industry of thousands worldwide, being backed up by the Federal Reserve and other central banks worldwide that causes the booms and busts and the ensuing economic human misery of death and destruction as a result; the wholesale wrecking of our biosphere by companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Sygenta through genetically modified organisms that may be irreversibly and permanently genetically altering life itself, the ongoing aerosol spraying in our skies with strontium, barium and aluminum by the military to control our weather, poison our soil, water and the air we breathe and the companies who sell industrial waste called fluoride to our municipal water systems claiming it is good for our teeth so the companies selling it such as fertilizer, nuclear and aluminum companies can save on storage and waste elimination costs at the company's end when Harvard studies have shown it to have an adverse effect on our health causing an average 20 point drop in I.Q.'s, bone cancer, dental fluorosis, other neurological diseases and has done nothing beneficial for our dental health.

Fortunately, like the Soviet Union, this economic model of crony capitalism is currently in its death throes and is in the process of collapsing and destroying itself and those who run it. I just hope that the people, despite the government charlatans claiming the opposite, will have awoken to the fact that our problems were the result of the lack of capitalism and that the heavy hand of the
government, socialism, cronyism, fascist collectivism under a fiat fractional reserve money system of creating this phony economy of creating money out of thin air was what created this mess, wrecked the family, is responsible for our declining standard of living has
exacerbated the gap between the rich an poor and that only a voluntary free society based on voluntary contractual relationships of individualism, private property, individual rights and freedom to trade with each other under a 100 percent reserve gold/silver money
banking standard of free prices, true capitalism, rising living standards from higher capital investment per worker employed through savings and labour saving technological innovation will flourish once again and make America a leader in industry and innovation she once enjoyed prior to 1914.

Both books, "Crony Capitalism 2008-2012," and "Free Prices Now!Fixing the Economy and Abolishing the Fed." are slated for release in September of 2013 and I highly recommend the purchase of both to be brought up to speed of what is really going on in our economy of how its being destroyed through Keynesianism and how we can fix it by following the teachings of the Austrian School of Economics.

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