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The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
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Aug 21, 2009

it was ok
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Read in November, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I was told that this book features in Top 100 Recommended books on some charts.. etc etc.. like how the movie is not as great as the book.. and one must read the book.. they also said it was funny and humorous and so out of this world.. well I think only the ‘out of this world’ applies as it is about galaxy.. but it was definitely out of my likes.. or you can say ‘Good Reads’....

Heard so much but the book failed to meet my expectations. I dragged my way hoping it to take off.. make me laugh and enjoy the read.. I kept turning to the end of the book to count how many pages left.. is the right side of the book thinning.. but no it wasn’t coming to an end.. thankfully the book happens to be short and you can choose to not read the next 4 parts.. and after my first book experience I definitely don’t intend to read any more.. I had ordered the 5 book collected edition and felt great that I would be able to read all the five parts together and won’t have to wait for the next part....

Anyways now why didn’t I like it.. first reason the terms and the definitions of things went over my head.. I am not too much into astronomy and you need to have a basic course to understand few of the things in the book.. I had seen the movie first so i could relate to some of the terms but as much as I remember the movie had a different story though the plot and characters were the same... as regards to the popular belief I liked the movie better of the two.. which is very rare and ironical for me as I am a staunch believer of Books over Movies.. anyways I think I just didn’t like the book so maybe I would rank it lower than anything...

Or probably the other reason for not liking it – was that it wasn’t just my type.. it was fiction but not real.. it was supposed to be funny but not situational comedy.. it had twists and turns but not natural... so overall it was not to my taste... and over time I have learnt especially on books.. “To each to its own” so those who love it I am good with that.. and those who hate it .. I am better with that!!!

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