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The Steep Approach To Garbadale by Iain Banks
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Aug 20, 2009

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You have to love the care Iain Banks puts into every scene, each a story in itself, there for a reason, leading to something, and so readable too. And you have to laugh as his anti-american rants make you think 'but Iain, you've based the whole Culture on America!' and 'Special Circumstances never has this kind of political opposition to its military adventures, and they've killed *loads* more people'! (Yes I know, they are not real.)

As usual, bad things that happened in the past between the main characters drive the emotional heart of the plot, though happily the bad things are only little hurts and not the usual murder/torture/accidental killing.

The 'twist' is rather obvious from the start, though having read 'Song of Stone' it was rather less lurid than expected and hence a bit of a let down.


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