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So Much to Tell You by John Marsden
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Sep 26, 2007

it was amazing
Recommended for: Young adults and early teenagers
Read in September, 2007

So Much to Tell You
By John Marsden

“So Much to Tell You”, by John Marsden is a true story about a girl, by the name of Marina, whose face is horribly disfigured when her father mistakenly throws acid on her face during an argument with her mother. Marina is sent to a girls’ boarding school after the accident because her mother is frustrated that Marina stops speaking and she feels that the school will help her to speak again. This book is written in a diary form and tells of Marina’s life in the boarding school and how she feels and who she meets and a little about her own family life.

The main character of the story is Marina, whose face is partially disfigured but was beautiful before the accident. She used to be very athletic but after the accident, she no longer participated in any sports. Marina also used to play the flute before the accident but never played again after because she was afraid that her mouth didn’t work. Marina was depressed and sad and felt like she was the living dead because she had no feelings, was numb, and was afraid of living. Marina writes about what she sees and feels about the people around her.

Cathy Preshill is a tall, thin, anorexic looking girl who is beautiful and becomes Marina’s best friend. Marina finds Cathy interesting and loves to read her poems. Cathy comes from a loving and close family and cares about Marina very much and invites her into her family life.

Sophie is very funny and lively, but gets into trouble a lot. Sophie is chubby and looks a bit like a boy with a round face, red cheeks and short hair and speaks with a husky voice which makes her sound older like a twenty-five year old. Sophie antagonizes and makes fun of Marina because she can’t understand why Marina won’t talk. Sophie shakes Marina and yells at her because Marina won’t help clean up the room for inspection. Sophie constantly gets into fights with Kate, another dorm-mate.

Kate is the loud girl who is only interested in sex and boys and boys and sex and is quite crude. Kate is the bad one, along with Sophie.

Lisa is tall, blond and very Nordic looking, very beautiful with a slight mark on her cheek from a skiing accident. Lisa is not a very happy person but it is hidden behind her very strong personality. Lisa is respected by the rest of the girls and is the head of the dorm.

Marina’s English teacher, Mr. Lindell, a Canadian, is a big man, who has fair hair like ginger. He looks like a big bear and his glasses make him look even more like a bear. He becomes Marina’s friend and invites her over to his house for dinner. Marina learns to trust Mr. Lindell.

Marina describes her mother as a selfish person who is always on holiday with her weird second husband and is never around for Marina.

Marina’s dad is not mentioned very much and he is in jail for throwing acid in her face. Marina never mentions hating her father, but instead is afraid of what might happen to him in jail.

The main idea of the book is that even after bad things happen in life, life can still go on. This book is all about Marina’s journey to forgiveness and how she forgives her father at the end.

I enjoyed reading this book because it talked all about what happened in Marina’s life, and it was interesting to read about what she thought and felt about the people in her life and I liked reading the descriptions of all the people. I would recommend this book to young adults because it teaches you about forgiveness, kindness, and love to other people.
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