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Vortex by S.J. Kincaid
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it was amazing
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This, right here? Yeah, its almost better than divergent.

So throughout the book I had this uncanny feeling that I was reading some other version of HP. The spire was Hogwarts, Tom was Harry, Enslow was Hermione and Blackburn was a weird combo of Prof, Solomon from GG series ad Snape from HP. But you know what? It made it a thousand times more epic! Because HP was a cultural phenomenon and this might be next!

it started off as Tom being this prideful idiot! But by the end, I UNDERSTOOD why he was a prideful idiot. And the end. Whoa! Just whoa! Thing is I kind of figured out a part of the plot since the beginning and it was pissing me off that Tom was being so hard headed. But I figured the show must go on and all, so I was pleasantly surprised when things actually added up in the end. Plus there were so many hilarious scenes e.g. that Snowden and Yousaf Saide simulation. God I laughed my ass off.

so the thing is, no matter how much Tom hates Blackburn I an never seem to reciprocate his urge to tear him apart. Truth is, tom's stupid and hardheaded. He doesn't have all the facts and as far as I can tell, Blackburn really is trying to help him—in his own twisted way. And I believe Tom's distrust in him would ultimately lead to his downfall. And Tom darling has waaaay too much pride—which isn't a good thing but it makes a hell of a book. And he seems to throw waaay many empty threats. Barking dogs, right?

Medusa. Huh. She was such a unique heroine. Most people portray the heroin as slightly less kick ass than the hero but Medusa was waaay more skilled and awesome than Tom. I was so happy when they finally found each other—but then the end happened. Which isn't really a bad thing but aw, it took him THAT long to get there. Now he'd have to start over again. See, boys are stupid. So utterly guileless and easily distracted that it pained me to read Tom. He was the most clueless of them all. Sigh.

Elliot is such a giant sweetheart! I wish he'd play a bigger, better role in Insignia 3. I hope he helps Tom take all those freaks down—and DOESN'T DIE in the process. It made me so happy when he finally did that thing that he did near the end! And to be honest I'm still in a little bit of fangirl-ish love with him..

And somehow I end up imagining Joseph Vengerov as this slim medieval guy who wears stockings and ruffles. And then I imagined Lucious Malfoy. Huh.

Throughout the end of the book I was living through Harry Potter and Percy Jackson again. The will, the sheer stubbornness, the utmost stupidity of even the most well thought-out plans was so familiar it made me giddy with excitement! Optical camouflage was very much like Harry's invisibility cloak huh?

All in all, it was just as kick ass as insignia and I LOVED it and I really, really wanna time travel to 2014 to read the 3rd part! >.<
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Kristi Starr A) I like it better than Divergent (though I'm looking forward to Allegiant and the backstory).
B) I had totally the same feeling about Blackburn mirroring Snape. We shall see, eh?

I CANNOT WAIT for book 3!

Zunaira Ghazal Kristi wrote: "A) I like it better than Divergent (though I'm looking forward to Allegiant and the backstory).
B) I had totally the same feeling about Blackburn mirroring Snape. We shall see, eh?


IKR! :D i got glimpses of Harry Potter!

ME TOOOOOO!!! I can't believe we have to wait an entire year! >.< ugh i need a time machine!!!

Autumn Raine Exactly. you nailed, especially about coming to understand Tom's pride and refusal to show respect to those who were undeserving of such.

P.S. you also completely nailed the harry potter analogy. I didn't even notice until you pointed it out.

Autumn Raine but yeah, he his pride was excessive.

Zunaira Ghazal Textwist wrote: "but yeah, he his pride was excessive."

i know :D is it sad that i've forgotten most of it? i'll have to read it again before the 3rd book :/

Autumn Raine Have fun rereading. Could be worst. I'm reading the first book of a series' sequel I rated a 2, because I read a bunch of reviews raving about the first book and then slamming the second. Fingers crossed but wary.

Lesson learned: read series in order.

Atara it's WAY better than divergent!

Zunaira Ghazal Atara wrote: "it's WAY better than divergent!"

it sure is.:)

Tina Rae Weird, I was totally thinking about Harry Potter Series and characters as I read the book, especially for Blackburn.

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