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Nevermore by James Patterson
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really liked it

Finally! The last book in the series. A bit less than 4 stars, for being repetitive, mostly action-reaction to certain events.
Romance thrown in, but in a teen-like way, as the heroine and the heroes are way younger than 18.
The series as a whole was too long, I would not recommend to read the books all one after the other.
As with James Patterson other series (not having read most, to be sure), the books are written with a certain structure, that stays the same, and that is in all Pattersons books my main gripe. So 4 stars is too much for the whole series, 3 not enough, somewhere in between. And I am glad it has ended.
The ending is very good and has a few nice twists, but also some rather pathetic advice which is ok, but feels like a parent to a young child, but it is good advice and maybe that was the point of the whole series: to show what is important and how you can change the world, but not alone?!
Some scenes are very bloody and cruel, and they feel real, not like in a fairy tale. But for YA very good.
With these caveats and keeping in mind, that there are too many parts, recommended.

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