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The End of Overeating by David A. Kessler
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Aug 18, 2009

really liked it
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But fat, salt and sugar taste so good, Doctor...

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Miss Poppy I think Kessler just wants you to DIY. You know, home made creme burlee, ice cream, brownies, french fries, etc.

Once you start making it yourself it's hard to go back to restaurants. Tastes like hot lunch.

Esteban del Mal Ha!

It's a good read, but he takes it WAY too easy on the food industry. After chronicling all of their misdeeds, he then writes about meeting with big-wigs and how eager they all are to change things. Poo.

Miss Poppy I agree with you. Have you read "Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition, and Health," by Marion Nestle?

I heard her on Colbert speaking about the "sugar shortage." I'll have to see if I can get it from the library.

Esteban del Mal I get my Colbert a day late up here in God's Country. Saw her yesterday. Looks like it's worth a read. It's frightening the crap we put in ourselves. Or rather, allow the food industry to peddle.

Remember, though: the market has spoken. It's all in our own best rational self-interest to eat crap.

I think the country could stand a decade or so of sugar detox. I can outlast you all. I'm a sugar camel. Embargo on.

Miss Poppy Have you seen "The Real Dirt on Farmer John"? I really enjoyed it. The movie goes into some of the politics but more how it affects farmers on a personal level. It has a kind of a happy ending.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Esteban del Mal Haven't seen it, but it's next on my Netflix queue (right after I suffer the indignity of watching born-again Mickey Rourke wrasslin').

Thanks for the heads-up! I'm off to our farmer's market...

Esteban del Mal My thoughts on "The Real Dirt on Farmer John":

* The opening scene with him driving the tractor with a big orange boa trailing behind him made me whoop out loud;

* Loved it (despite the guy definitely being a Satanist); makes me wish I was a farmer (a long held fantasy of mine - which is fading with time - is to run off and live with the Amish; I'm not so keen on it since I've learned that there are Amish millionaires);

* One of the saddest parts (for me) is when the old timer gets weepy about the tract homes being built on what was formerly farm land, "all that beautiful black soil" (visions of Iron Eyes Cody crying in that PSA from my childhood);

* I found myself being a bit judgmental when he lost (most of) the farm. Easier to think he'd been too carefree than face the economic realities of small, family-owned farming (and goes to show how conditioned even a wanna-be freethinker like me still buys into the demagoguery of "America");

* We used to participate in a co-op similar to the one featured in the documentary. It's more efficient for us to shop at our farmer's market, because inevitably you don't use everything that you're given on a weekly basis (you have no control over the type of produce). We're lucky that we live in the bread basket of California (and even national) ag and have the choice;

* I was amused by the neighbor that spread all the rumors about him. As he's interviewed, he says something to the effect, "I don't give no-nevermind about no Devil worship. The cattle was spooked!" As if organic farming is STILL the fruit of the irreligious! Run! Use pesticides, as the Good Lord intended!

* I simply like the guy. The family is considering an extended road trip across the Pacific Northwest that will end in the Dakotas next year. Illinois isn't too far out of the way. Maybe we'll try to find the place.

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