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The Night Itself by Zoë Marriott
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it was amazing
bookshelves: urban-fantasy, new-direction-for-this-author, can-t-wait-for-books-two-and-three

When I first opened The Night Itself, I was in the middle of another book with a waiting list at the library, so I thought I would read just the first couple pages for a taste. Well, ha. I was sucked in from the opening line, and the next thing I knew, I'd finished this book and not the one I'd intended to.

The characters are great. Mio is completely engaging with her combination of cute and snarky; and wise-cracking Jack is more of an equal team member than a "sidekick." I loved the way Mio and Jack work so well together; Jack's love for her sister; the mystery surrounding Shinobu; all of the Kitsune; and especially the intriguing and tricky sparks between Jack and Hikaru. The mythology, from the meshed history of the katana and Shinobu to the amazing vision of Spirit London (I want a poster!), is well-developed and completely pulled me in. And as you might guess from my first paragraph, the action was non-stop and exciting. There was no easy place to put this book down.

I've read and loved all of Zoe Marriott's books, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this departure from her high fantasy settings. But I think this trilogy, so different from her previous style but still so strongly in her voice, is going to become a favorite. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment!
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July 26, 2013 – Shelved
July 26, 2013 – Shelved as: urban-fantasy
July 26, 2013 – Shelved as: new-direction-for-this-author
July 26, 2013 – Shelved as: can-t-wait-for-books-two-and-three
June 11, 2014 – Started Reading
June 11, 2014 –
0.0% "I'm starting a re-read in preparation for reading Book Two in this trilogy, and really looking forward to this!"
June 12, 2014 –
page 87
"The Nekomata is even creepier the second time around. And I've forgotten enough of exactly how the events in this book play out that I'm just as absorbed as the first time I read it."
June 13, 2014 –
page 166
"I love the kitsune!"
June 15, 2014 –
page 233
"I know I'm supposed to be swooning over Shinobu (who is definitely swoon-worthy), but I'm definitely more of a Hikaru girl ... and so happy to see him again."
June 16, 2014 –
page 288
"I'm enjoying the intrigue and suspicion in the Kitsune court ..."
June 17, 2014 –
page 348
"In the lair of Nekomata ... ewww, so creepy and gross. Wow, I should be starting Darkness Hidden tonight!"
June 18, 2014 –
page 368
"One of my favorite lines in this book will always be "Why did it have to be my Hello Kitty underwear?" Such a comic moment in all the tension. And I found myself just as exhausted at the end as Mio and her friends ... but not so exhausted that I didn't start Book Two immediately."
June 18, 2014 – Finished Reading
July 16, 2015 –
page 53
"This is a reread, since I now have the third book in hand, and I'm dying to find out how everything gets worked out. I'm noticing details that become important in the second book, so this reread is paying off ... but I still just want to leap to the end of the story! Patience, Eilonwy, patience ...!"
July 17, 2015 –
page 92
""I put him in his box, I closed the lid--and--I couldn't walk away. ... He -- he was calling me back." \n "He called you back," [Jack] repeated slowly.\n "This isn't an ordinary sword," I said hopelessly.\n It sure isn't."
July 18, 2015 –
page 190
""For an eternity, I was trapped in shadows. Barely alive. Aware only of frozen cold and confinement. If I had been sane enough, I would have begged for death. I had no hope, no warmth, nothing. Nothing but endless dark."\n Poor Shinobu. This is the third time I've read this book, and this speech tears my heart out every time."
July 20, 2015 –
page 264
""Everyone is watching. Whatever the king says will become law. He has no wriggle room. If any of us, including me, put a single paw wrong, he'll have to annihilate us. He can't afford to show a hint of weakness or favouritism, or they'll turn on him. It was dangerous enough before, but now ..." \n Well, that's no pressure there, is it! :D"
July 21, 2015 –
page 342
"Argh! I'm so close to the end, and had to go to work instead of just finishing. I can't wait to get to my reread of Darkness Hidden, and then finally on to the conclusion of the whole story!"

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Tina Rath The whole trilogy is now available and I have it heh heh heh.

Eilonwy I finally got Book Three this week, so that's why I'm rereading the first two now. I want so badly to just jump straight into Frail Human Heart, but I also want the whole story fresh in my mind when I get there. Must ... read ... fast!

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