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Fascinating Womanhood by Helen B. Andelin
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I would rather wrestle a bear with venomous cobras for hands. Eat a live ring octopus. Bathe in a vat of all manners of acid. Swim naked through man of wars than follow the advice in this book and have a marriage like in this book. Who would want this?
People gripe about how bad feminism is, but at least it's not saying men are like babies you have to faun over and worship. That they get to have interests and passions and you just get to be interested in them and what they are doing. I'm sorry, but the people who support this sort of nonsense do more damage to the family unit than a parade of half nekkid bra burning amazons and gay dudes in chaps making out publicly ever could. How can you have a healthy relationship based on love and trust if you're stuck married to a man who won't help you with the children, who is encouraged to be selfish and worse of all these folks think that all men are like this. They are the ones who are really sexist against men.
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