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Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange
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Aug 15, 2009

did not like it
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Read in August, 2009

** spoiler alert ** What a let down...

I was really excited by this book as I love all of Amanda Grange's Diary books. I figured that someone who seemed to have such a good grasp on Darcy as a character would be able to make such an off twist work. Unfortunately I was wrong though.

The biggest complaint of all was that was a shocking little amount of vamp-anything in this book. Most of the text was about their travels, meeting new people, attending parties, etc. Even the truth about Darcy was not revealed to Elizabeth until nearly the end of the book. Even more there was almost no dramaticism when it came to her understanding and accepting. Although that would be asking a lot of her considering the author didn't explain hardly anything herself. Not to mention that she thought of vampires almost immediately when theorizing. At least in Twilight she thought Edward might have been a superhero.

Then she says screw it all I'll become a vamp if it means we can have sex. Now I get the lust and all the poor deprivation the woman had been forced to deal with but come on. She didn't really understand the life at all but was more than happy to exchange it for an orgasm! In other books authors make such big deals out of making sure the characters understand what will happen to them. That they will live on while watching others die, that they must always protect themselves from discovery/persecution/etc...I was all for her joining the dark side with him but she should have at least understood what she was signing up for.

And I know Darcy is not a talkative character. Not when Jane was writing him and not when Grange brought him back either, but come on. He literally explains the process of his changing into a vamp in a couple of sentences...oh wait other reviews state it as being done in 21 words?! WHAT?? Most of the time the transformation from human to vampire is drawn out over pages as the characters suffer through pain, agony, and practically hell. But here the good Lady Catherine just gives him a little nip and *POOF* he's a vamp. Not to mention Grange makes it sound like deciding to be a vamp was the latest fashion at the time since even their nurse signed on without so much as an explanation.

Finally, the ending, WTF? Vamps can't go back to being human. That's like the main part of the lore I thought?? But even if Grange wanted to change that she could have at least made it a bit more believable. They just happened to be a few hours away from this temple, and not a single other vamp had ever known about it. And then the water just washed away the curse? Ug. Besides that I love how the first 240 or so pages are all about traveling, enjoying gardens, and a tiny amount of suspense over why Darcy won't bed Elizabeth, but then Grange tries to shove the entire explanation of the vampire species, Darcy's transformation, the climax, and the unsatisfying ending into about 60 pages.

On a lesser note, the small little tie-ins with the original work were a great touch, but then they were completely explained. A reference should be just that. It was as if I were reading footnotes within the body of the text. Most people reading this will be doing so because they love the original story and don't need all the reminders of a when a certain line came in.

All I can say is this...I know everyone is jumping on the vamp/paranormal romance bandwagon because that is what is selling these days. Hell I had never read a book from that genre until after Twilight, I admit it, but if you are going to twist the genre to fit a classic story that has such a devoted following you have to do it right. It has to be have just enough believability, humor, and lore. This book just didn't do it for me. I was so excited to read this but unfortunately it went straight into my 'books to go to the used book store' pile as soon as I finished the last page.

...Wow that review turned out long. Guess the book was worse than I initially thought! For a crazy funny review written in the form of a letter from Lizzy to Jane go here:
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