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The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan
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When Beth Heath and Tom Cole fall deeply in love, outsiders don't understand. Bess and Tom's love flourishes despite all of the class barriers in place in their day. Beth is the daughter of privilege, more specifically of a former director of the Niagara Power Company. Tom Cole is a simple river man, albeit the grandson of legendary river mystic Fergus Cole.

Like his grandfather, Tom has an intimate connection with the Niagara Falls and can predict their mercurial shifts before anyone else recognizes even a hint of change. Tom holds a reverence for the falls that the businessmen of the day completely lack. The businessmen seek to harness the falls for their hydroelectric power, regardless of the consequences. The setting is the Canadian side of the falls in the early twentieth century.

The Day the Falls Stood Still captures the power and pull of the falls and the travesty of human overuse that causes their power to dwindle. It's a story of the delicate balance of relationships--between men and women, between friends, at work, within families, and with nature. The Day the Falls Stood Still offers readers history, romance, tragedy (in truth, more tragedy than I ordinarily like in my books which is why I rated it lower than I otherwise might have), but also it draws readers into an understanding of the falls and encourages a healthy reverence for their majesty and power.
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