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Snagged by Jet Mykles
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Aug 15, 2009

really liked it

A pair of gorgeous thieves, hot sex, and a little mystery thrown together give another Mykles well-written and enjoyable story. Coming in just under 70 pages, Snagged is an easy and light romance with a lot of yaoi flavor and not much depth. Although this is a stand-alone title, there are a lot of questions not answered and some background information glossed over. That said, if you are looking for a fast read with great characters, sizzling chemistry, and a thin plot, Mykles delivers easily.

Both characters of Seth and Kyle were likable with Seth as the clear aggressor and Kyle as the young but talented virgin who is not gay yet can’t stop thinking about Seth. The book starts with a scene filled with the sexual sparks between Seth and Kyle and show the strength of both the writing and the story are when these two are together. The sex scenes are the most enjoyable with an increase in emotion and texture that was mostly lacking in other areas. Without a doubt, Mykles can write a sexy and titillating erotic encounter sure to please any fan of the genre.

The plot was rather thin with the loose thread of Kyle getting away from a life of crime with Seth’s help and after some brief soul searching, Kyle returns to Seth since he can’t live without him. There’s a slight twist at the end regarding Seth’s job and a possible future together for both men but it’s weak and unnecessary other than to set up an ending that seems fitting for both Seth and Kyle. However dubious the actual plot may be, the concise and easy writing keeps this story moving quick and light giving an appealing story that’s fun to read.

Several questions remain after the story ends which include how Kyle and Seth got involved with the all-powerful crime boss, how exactly they got away, what Kyle’s new job entails, how Seth ended up in his current job and well the list goes on. These are questions that are largely ignored or easily glossed over with a hint here and there. The clear focus is always on the chemistry between Seth and Kyle with the thin mystery the reason for Seth and Kyle’s initial meeting. Even with all these unanswered questions and hanging threads, it’s easy to ignore these and enjoy the story with it’s fast paced action, incredibly hot sex scenes, and sexy men.

The novelty of the idea and unique voice of the author makes this a must read for those die hard fans of hers. It’s definitely a great, fast read so anyone new to the author or genre can enjoy this as an introduction. Keep in mind it’s purely enjoyable without too much mystery or depth- diet yaoi light. However, the author’s gift for prose, dialogue and instantly appealing characters will keep you happy that you read it.
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