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Three of a Kind by Sean Michael
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Aug 15, 2009

it was ok

This is a very classic Sean Michael story about a young, abused man who finds a home to heal and love with an established couple. The characters and prose are reminiscent of other works by the author which will likely be a hit with fans. The story is heavy on dialogue making this a fast read with interesting men and more focus on the connection and emotion than sex. For an easy afternoon read, this will satisfy your romance needs.

Zane is running from an abusive lover, uncertain if his fighting back killed the man or not. Barely out of high school without any experience in life or relationships, Zane’s disastrous foray with his first lover has left physical, mental, and emotional scars that take time healing. Butch and Randy take Zane in as a lost young man and allow him to heal and slowly become aware of their interest in him as more than a roommate. The slow buildup to a sexual relationship is a departure from the heavy sex orientated stories of the author and allows the emotion between the men to develop first.

Butch is the classic big, strong construction worker with a soft heart while Randy bounces around with a typical artist mentality of forgetfulness and random word association. The two seeming opposites somehow fit but each immediately eyes the new arrival into their life, feeling both sympathy for his plight and attraction. Randy’s comforting touches are offset by Butch’s quiet support allowing Zane to heal at his own pace but subtly pushing for more sexually as soon as Zane shows he’s interested.

All three men harken to previous characters of the author and their interaction sparks a lot of similarities. Unfortunately, at the same time the focus on Zane is to the point that the threesome relationship ends up rather unbalanced. There are scenes between the men separately as couples and clearly no jealousy involved but Zane emerges easily as the focus of attention and emotion and likely will be for some time. As Randy and Butch already are an established couple, there are very few moments to show their intense relationship instead focusing on Zane and Randy or Zane and Butch. This led to the feeling that although the men were quite happy to have Zane as part of their relationship, he really does come between the two previous lovers.

However, given the easy manner everything is handled within the story, this is unlikely to bother many readers. The writing is very typical of the author and heavy on dialogue and lack of description. The writing is basic with several mistakes such as wrong names used in scenes and dialogue even if it’s still easy to understand what the author meant. Fans of Sean Michael will likely find the story enjoyable and classic as a satisfying read. The focus on emotion and connection over sex was a nice change of pace and helped improve the story.

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