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Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb
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Aug 14, 2009

I was very happy with this series (though I wouldn't recommend anyone read it without reading the Farseer trilogy first). I must have been happy because I read all three books within a week at the cost of many hours of sleep.

However, can I just say to those of you who have read these books that I couldn't really buy the Molly thing? Is anyone with me on this? I understand she represents home and hearth for him (or cave and cubs!) and perhaps his lost youth. But she just wasn't a compelling character for me. More like a port in which to dock a ship.
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Huda I agree, I just finished the trilogy recently, and the ending really annoyed me. Especially because Burrich had to be killed off in the end to make it possible.

NdNewara Read the Farseer trilogy to know Molly. And read them slowly this time. Molly is a very real character, just like any characters in Hobbs' books.

message 3: by Lil (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lil I agree 100%. No matter how slowly you read it, Molly was not fleshed out and Fitz's attachment to her was as needy and idealized as Harry Potter's to Ginny. Someone who represented his perfect vision of family but little else.

Emma Tyler i agree, it seemed a bit hollow. even tho its an amazing book finishing it on that relationship seemed to cheapen the strength of relationships and death of story throughout

Amanda I never liked Molly, but I think it makes perfect sense that Fitz chose to return to her, especially after The Fool left. Burrich and Molly where his only safe havens growing up. Fitz spent his entire childhood trying to belong, to find his place in the world. He gave his life to serving his family, thinking that this was the only life there was for him. I think Fitz stagnated when he gave his memories/feelings to girl-on-dragon so when he got that back he was still that youth in love with the girl in the bright red dress, wanting to do right by her. Had the Fool not left it might have been different.

That said I was not happy with the ending, here's hoping that Fitz lives to see his Beloved return!

message 6: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Manson I came to Goodreads to read through reviews just to see if anyone agreed with me that Molly and Fitz getting back together just didn't feel right. Glad to see others thought the same thing. As soon as Burrich was injured, I saw their reconciliation coming. I never liked Molly, though, so I guess that's part of my disappointment.

Kyreena Hay I've always felt like he kind of just settled for second best with Molly, but on the other hand, I was so happy that he's happy.

Caia I was happy for him, he deserved a home and now he has has it, although I also am not quite fond of Molly and it's was quite predictable at some point that was going to be the end either. I think the love of his life is the Fool, but home is home.

Jingizu Agreed. The Molly ending felt forced. It also hints that Fitz never quite grew up. I never liked Molly, she should have been his adolescent love and left it at that. Burrich should have lived and returned to her.
I would have liked to see Fitz stay in Buck Keep with the coterie, and him and Kettricken having a relationship. Kettricken understood and knew Fitz to his deepest level. Him and Molly are shallow and childish IMO.

Jingizu Also to add, I have heard it speculated that Hobb actually bowed to fan pressure with the Molly ending... how true that is I don't know.

Alina I agree that the Molly thing feels forced, I personally really hoped for the Fitz and the Fool to end up together :D I just felt like they had a much deeper bond and love and the ending literally broke my heart, seriously I cried like a baby :(

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