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Eldest by Christopher Paolini
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did not like it

This is crap. Paolini ditched almost all of Eragon's potential, spending his time in the land of elves who are smarter, more gorgeous, wiser, stronger, faster, longer-lived, better at magic, more hygenic, more tasteful, better at art, music, metalworking, and just generally better in every way than those poor, lowly humans. And. . .every man jack and woman girl of them is an atheist vegetarian! Yes, Paolini takes some clumsy but pervasive swipes against religion, demonstrating that he really doesn't know what the heck he's talking about.

The fight scenes were all pretty bad too--most of them completely implausible. The Ra'zac should _ownz_ Roran! They're bird assassins from before the dawn of man, and he's a peasant with a hammer!

I _did_ really like Nar Gazvog. And the dwarves were still pretty cool. I'll read the next book for the sake of Urgals, Shruikan (the evil black dragon), and to hopefully see Arya bite the dust. But I'm going to keep my expectations low.
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message 1: by M. (new) - rated it 1 star

M. Weaver Not only are they atheist vegetarians, but our wonderful Arwen-I mean Arya-likes to parade around in leather outfits. Mm, nothing like a double standard!

Alena Yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. ^_^

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay i just started the book but... Eragon has gone to the elves to continue his training in magic. And awnsere me this question did you like the golden compas?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree with you on how he made the elves a bit "too perfect" and I didn't understand why the Ra'zac didn't get Roran, but mabe there is a reason. But I still like the book so far (I'm on page 390).

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

And by the way, is Paolini an atheist?

Barely Breathing Banana Chelle said: "Not only are they atheist vegetarians, but our wonderful Arwen-I mean Arya-likes to parade around in leather outfits. Mm, nothing like a double standard" I've noticed that... Arya wears leather which comes from animals, thats a waste of meat considering that she already killed the animal, besides, why is it that Eragon followed the Elves way of life and religion but not the Dwarves or Urgals, and why didn't he stick with his own beliefs, hes described as a strong willed being by resisting meat (because it is the food of the pathetic humans -.-) but he can't stick to his own customs?! To answer the deleted user above me, Yes, I think that Paolini is an atheist otherwise he wouldn't change his main charecter to atheism and make such a big deal of it in Eragons thoughts if he didn't think so, (and have those same problems) himself. All in all, future readers of Eldest, burn our copies before it's too late!!

message 7: by Ember (new)

Ember I think a lot of people are shooting Christopher Paolini down way to fast. I think he made the elves seem perfect because then it would make Eragon not look as perfect as people think he is. And since Arya lives among the humans, than she might of bought the leather from a peasant, who had already used the meat as food for himself and his family. So, I guess I disagree strongly with what you guys are saying about Paolini's work.

Levi You have not written a literrary review in any way shape or form. You base it on what you would do or like and failed to grasp glowing symbolism as well as a dichotomy between the religions of dwarves and elves that is very well thought out; neatly portraying the base arguemnts of athiesm vs the god(s) worshiping sects. Not to mention the fact the author fluidly switches antagonists and often. Eragon faces his own emotion, adversaries, elements, and even foreign philosophies all drawing us closer to his character and struggles. If you dont have the slightest grasp of great writing than my recommendation would be, stick with Twilight

TRAM School Oh, come on. I love the book. There are actually lots of action pages.

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