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Christine Falls by Benjamin Black
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Aug 12, 2009

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During: It looks like I am reading slowly, which makes me feel self-conscious! so I must remark: I secretly was reading the new John Irving but was afraid to post it on here in case John Irving was monitoring for sneaks (some big fancy-pants authors DO that, I was not being paranoid) but then it was so stupid and bad and ridiculous that I had to put it down halfway through. Anyway I know it's dumb to be self-conscious about looking like I'm reading slowly, but I am NOT reading slowly is the only reason I felt self-conscious about it and felt compelled to share. Sometimes I just read slowly and that is fine.

Anyway, back to this, which is quite good! It's not as like steamily fraught with jumpy jittery skitters as was Tana French's lovely gem, but Literature Map suggested Benjamin Black and it was not a bad idea on Literature Map's part, at all.

After: No, no, no. If someone says, "Hello, Brenda," it is NOT appropriate to say that the other people in the room "picked up on the frisson of recognition." Saying HELLO to someone with their NAME does not slyly educe a freaking frisson of freaking recognition. Eejit. Which is not to say that the book completely falls apart--I mean, it's pretty successful, right? And Banville-as-Banville won the damned Man Booker, so who am I to say, really--but Christ. He also thinks it's dreadfully witty to have sexy women do sexy things to men totally out of the blue, and to have a (spoiler) baby-shaker perform a grotesque rape on a girl barely out of her teens. Which, okay, I can get behind sometimes, but he just kind of clatters that material out at you and I don't know if I'm meant to be shocked or horrified or what--in the end this book just left me irritated.
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