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Let It Snow by John Green
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This book, even though it is categorized as one book (singular) it should really be categorized as three books (plural) because although the stories within the book are interrelated, the writing-style and general plot of each story is unique and each could stand on its own. It only seems fitting to write three mini-reviews.
Note: the review may get rather long and unwieldy. I apologize in advance.
Section 1:
The Jubilee Express
3.7 stars

Just a little taste of chapter one beforehand…
..my name is Jubilee Dougal. Take a moment and let it sink in.
See, when you get it up front, it’s not that bad. Now imagine I was halfway through some long story (like I’m about to be), and I dropped that one on you. “By the way, my name is Jubilee.” You wouldn’t know what to do next.

And so on. In this 117 page story, you find likable, interesting, real characters submerged into a plot that is sweet, funny, cheesy, just a little cliché, yet totally likable.
Sweet, funny, cheesy, likable. Those four words sum up the first story quite nicely.
What I liked about this story was how it flowed. Nothing seemed too out of place, and the ironic, extreme scenes didn’t seem too ironic or extreme until I thought it through after I finished the book.
Too think back on it now, another word that would nicely sum up parts of the book is ridiculous (but in a good way).
(view spoiler)
Oh, just a little hint: Jubilee doesn’t hook up with the totally gorgeous guy who happens to sit next to her on the train. In fact, that totally gorgeous guy has a girlfriend who turns up later in the book. But more on that later.
Moving on…
Section 2:
A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle
4.5 Stars

First of all, I love you John Green. Thank you, thank you, thank you for simply existing. No pressure, but I’m counting on a new book coming out within the next year and surpassing the brilliance of The Fault in our Stars. Again, no pressure.
Let’s get a taste of what the beginning of this story is like.
“Tobin,” Mom said disapprovingly. She wasn’t a particularly funny person. It suited her professionally- I mean, you don’t want your cancer surgeon to walk into the examination room and be like, “Guy walks into a bar. Bartender says, ‘What’ll you have?’ And the guy says, ‘Whaddya got?’And the bartender says, ‘I don’t know what I got, but I know what you got: Stage IV melanoma.’”
So what words sum up this book? I’m thinking something along the lines of John Greenish. If you have already read a book by John Green, you know what to expect. Witty, lovable, comical, adventurous, sweet books that are realistic in ways that even words can’t sum up (purely a personal opinion, but when it comes to John Green I can’t help but gush).
It wasn’t John Green’s best, but the characters, the minor yet still interesting plot, and the humor scattered throughout was brilliant, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
Note: it would’ve gotten a four stars except the main character mentioned The Book Thief as one of his favorite books on p. 192 and that bumped it up by .5 stars
Section 3:
The Patron Saint of Pigs
1.3 Stars

Oh dear. Okay, I’m really going to try not to curse in this review because it’s not professional.
This story is complete waste of time and paper.
I will not insult or name-call the author, because I do not know her, but I feel I have the right to complain about the story.
Again, let’s have a little taste of the beginning, shall we?
“You’ve been on the phone with either Dorrie or Tegan pretty much twenty-four/seven.”
“You’ve been listening to my calls?” I cried. “You eavesdropped on your own daughter?!”
“It’s hardly ‘eavesdropping’ if you have no choice.”
I gaped at her. She pretended to be so motherly in her Christmas apron, making Cherries Jubilee from an old family recipe, when really she was… she was…
Well, I didn’t know what she was, just that it was wrong and bad and evil to listen in on other people’s conversations.
“And don’t say ‘twenty four/seven,’” I said. “You’re too old to say ‘twenty-four/seven.’”

And…so on.
Gosh, I really hated this story.
My main problemos:
1) The main character. Addie. The story is from her perspective and there couldn’t be a more shallow, narrow-minded, annoying, bitchy character in existence. Oh, and remember the totally gorgeous guy at the beginning of the review? He’s her boyfriend. I feel so sorry for him. But then again, he’s an idiot for liking her in the first place, so my sorrow isn’t THAT deep.
2) The story makes it seem okay to cheat on someone if you apologize profusely and feel sorry for yourself afterwards. The main character makes a bunch of excuses why kissing someone that was not her significant other is okay, and the infuriating thing is that her boyfriend seems to buy it. Okay, so forgiveness is a virtue but getting back together with one who cheated on you is taking it too far.
3) The characters that were realistic and likable in the other two stories become warped and not so likable and realistic in this story.
So where does the 1.3 stars come in? The one star was basically a pity star while the .3 star is from the fact the author didn’t TOTALLY mess up the other characters John and Maureen made so perfectly flawed.
3.17 Stars.
If you want an enjoyable experience, I suggest you skip the last story altogether.
Thank you for bearing with this long, unwieldy review to the end.
That is all.
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Lina I wish I had read your review before I picked this book up... That last story was really bad. And I agree we have the right to complain... sigh

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