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Batman by Frank Miller
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Aug 10, 2009

it was amazing

First things first. The Dark Knight Strikes Again is not DKR2. It may be set in the same continuity as Dark Knight Returns, but it's not related stylistically or thematically. Anyway, on to the review. If you were to pick up Dark Knight Knight Strikes Again, one of the first things you'd notice is that it's a substantially longer book than DKR. With a book that big, Frank Miller must have taken his time to tell a well-developed, epic story, right? Maybe if the story made sense I could tell you. The plot goes something like this: Lex Luther has secretly taken over the government. He isn't doing anything particularly evil that I can see, but he's Lex Luther so he's the antagonist just because. Baman, of course, realizes that Lex Luther is the antagonist so he gets a team of super-heroes together to fight da powah. Most of the comic however focuses on Superman being emo. The basic premise doesn't sound too weird, but the art and Frank Miller's ADD make the story unnecessarily confusing. So of course the president's a computer, then there's a meteor, then an orphanage of mutant children blows up, then an alien frog attacks Metropolis, then Superman's daughter shows up.... The only logic that can be applied is the law of whatever the heck Miller wants to happen happens. And the more super-heroes, the better. As for the end, don't get me started on a rant about deus ex machina or the impossable timeline! As messed up as the story can be, I really think the art makes up for it based on the fact that it's just as crazy and weird. The art itself is actually rather simple, the colors is where it really shines. Dark Knight Strikes again is like a grand experiment with digital coloring. I think Miller just doodled a few drawings, went crazy with PhotoShop, pasted it all together, and called it a comic. I know a lot of people disliked the drastic departure from DKR's art style, but I absolutely love it. The Dark Knight Strikes Again is worth reading at a Borders and maybe buying if you like the art. Just remember, Borders has a sitting area for a reason. Don't be a manga cow!
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