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Dracula by Bram Stoker
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I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. Thoughts:

- I have no clue where the Mina/Dracula love that you hear of so often and see in so many adaptations has come from. I just don't.
- I thought the friendships in this book were remarkable, I loved them.
- Doctor Van Helsing sure has a lot of titles. He also makes me proud to be Dutch. Even if he did speak German and did not at all seem Dutch, he was supposed to be Dutch so I shall be happy with that much.
- I shall forever strive to be a bit more like Mina, who was loyal, kind, good, truthful and not to mention, smart and logical, saving our men on many occasions.

It was better than I had expected.

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Mizumi Yay, I'm so glad you liked it! Yay for Van Helsing and for Mina. I love Mina so much. I don't see that thing with Dracula either (but I've steered clear from all adaptations as much as I could until I'd read the book, so I barely knew it existed), but okay, people will be people. Oh, and a little love for Jonathan Harker.
(I laughed so hard at Van Helsing's broken English though. Sorry. That did NOT come from a Dutch background XD)

Sandra I love Mina so much too ;_; It's like she had all the good qualities in the world combined into one person, and yet I still found her human, and not at all too perfect or anything. I loved her and Jonathan so much..

Actually, I loved all the character I suppose, except those you were meant to dislike (like Dracula, for example xD).

Van Helsing's English got on my nerves sometimes! I mean come on, we Dutchies would never make mistakes like this. Lol whut?

Mizumi Yep! I mean, I'm pretty sure it was also a 'HEY WOMEN EVERYWHERE, BE LIKE THIS' because he pointed it out an awful lot, but IDGAF. I loved them toooo. I kept fearing for either of their lives (and yes, I managed not to get spoiled for Dracula XD Are you proud of me Solyn, are you proud because I think you should be. JSYK).

Haha, yes!

I tried to see where he was coming from but it had been a while... I think it was more German than Dutch though, grammatically speaking, but I could be recalling that wrongly.

Sandra Well he probably was doing exactly that, but I loved them anyway. And OMG, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU SWEETHEART! *hugs* (Though I wouldn't have been spoiled either but for the musical.. that's actually an achievement too!)

No, you are right, not only did he speak German, the structure at times really did seem like German gone wrong. And sometimes what went wrong made no sense. But whatever it was, Dutch it ain't.

Mizumi Haha yes. Just like with that phonograph thingy. They were all ~oh what a wonderful invention everyone should use it~ about it. Lit Sell, perhaps. Like Tel Sell, only they didn't have television yet.
I only knew who Jonathan Harker was, and that's because Jake Silbermann played him. NO REGRETS.

Yeep. Maybe he mixed up Dutch and Deutsch. XD; TVTropes says that was pretty common back then. IDK, him speaking German isn't all that odd if he's lived in Germany for a while, but his slip-ups would definitely be from a Dutch mind, not German.

Sandra OMG!!!!!! LIT SELL. Someone should write a book about that *hint hint*. I'd read it.
LOL, I only listened to the musical because of Jesper Tydén who also played Jonathan Harker! xD *high-fives*

Well, could be, but indeed, his slip-ups would've been in Dutch. His name is Dutch though (Van Helsing instead of Von Helsing) so it's all a bit of a puzzle to me. xD

Mizumi Ahaha I have no idea how you'd write a book about it but it'd be funny XD
Obviously Jonathan Harker is a very important character. If just to get the fangirls in. XD *high-fives back!*

Maybe Stoker'd done just enough research to know it should be 'Van', and then went 'screw it I know German, basically the same right' on the actual text? Like what Hollywood does when they want to do something with geishas. XD 'Look we did enough research to give them a Japanese name, screw it we can just put in a Chinese actor, no-one will see/hear the difference'.

Sandra It's something to think about..
YES! And, as a bonus, he's a nice character too ;D

I think that must be it.

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