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The Insomnia Workbook by Stephanie Silberman
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Aug 07, 2009

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Recommended for: people looking for drug-free approaches to sleep problems.

I disagree with some of the author's ideas (for example, she's an advocate of "sleep-training " babies, which doesn't fit my parenting style or the culture I live in). Also, some of her points were obvious, No-Spit-Sherlock. I mean, really? Stress and too much caffeine can cause insomnia?? Who knew!
That said, this book has some good, straightforward advice and practical exercises, so I do recommend it for those who are just getting started dealing with drug-free approaches to sleep problems.
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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria Aha. This might be good for my insomniac hubby. Sleep-training babies? Should I even ask?

message 2: by Gaijinmama (last edited Sep 11, 2009 06:16PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Gaijinmama The author is very clear that babies should "learn to go to sleep on their own" and is against co-sleeping. In Japan almost everyone sleeps with their kids when they're little and the idea of "training" a baby by letting him or her cry it out would be considered cruel (and inconsiderate to the neighbors! LOL)
I'm actually convinced that one reason I have sleep problems as an adult, is from being forced to go to bed (alone, in my own room) at a set, rigid time, when I wasn't sleepy yet.
Anyway, my kids are no longer babies, but I did sleep with them as long as they needed me, and I actually didn't have such bad insomnia then.

message 3: by Maria (new)

Maria It's funny how cultural differences are so varied -- Greek mothers will only half-heartedly remove the baby to another room if advocated by an "authority" but when the baby cries it's right back to mommy's bed. My kids went back and forth for years, contrary to societal norms of the day, and as newborns were in a cradle next to me. I think we usually do what our mothers taught us. Where did you grow up?

Gaijinmama Connecticut and Los Angeles.
Yeah, it's hard NOT to do what our mothers taught us.
And my mom takes it kind of personally that I have made some different choices.
Anyway, in Japan it's normal to sleep with your kids and not to let babies cry it out.
I liked being with them actually. I mean, we have earthquakes here, it was good to have my babies right next to me.

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