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The Society of S by Susan Hubbard
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Aug 04, 2009

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So here I present my first review of an audio book! (Cue canned applause)!

The audio book of The Society of S came into my possession by accident. I was shopping online at Barnes and Noble, and saw the book in the bargain section, so I ordered it. When it arrived, I realized that I had accidentally ordered the audio book instead of the hard copy, but I decided to give it a try anyways.

It worked out rather well, and I found that I really enjoyed the change-up in listening to a book instead of reading it.

The Society of S follows the story of young Ariella Montero, who lives with her single father in New York. Ariella’s mother disappeared the day she was born, and many questions remain as to why. Ariella is unusually intelligent for her age, probably a result of having been homeschooled by her father.

Ariella’s is prompted to take a journey to find her mother after a series of mysterious events. On her trip, she goes through many trials associated with coming of age, though the author took a creative liberty and added a supernatural spin on things. Ariella finds out that she is a vampire, and that she can choose to be mortal like her mother, or a vampire like her father. This decision, among many others, drives the action in the novel.

Personally, I really enjoyed The Society of S. Even though the narrator is a young teenager, I feel like this book was written with more mature audiences in mind (not that younger readers wouldn’t enjoy it) because the writing wasn’t the typical super-romantic, angsty writing that usually accompanies teen characters (not that I don’t love that kind of writing!). I felt that the author’s tone voice was unique and had just the right amount of description and imagery. Overall, the book was well-written, and had enough suspense and mystery to keep me turning pages.

As a sidenote, Hubbards has recently released a sequel to this book, called The Year of Disappearances. It’s on my reading list, and I’ll have a review of it once I’ve acquired the book and read it!
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