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Lord of the Silver Bow by David Gemmell
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Aug 04, 2009

it was amazing

This book was a masterpiece. The writing style was perfect for the story that was told. Taking a different characters' point of view every few pages of the book revealed all of the different emotions that were being felt. At one point, I was sad and disgusted of the act of Helikaon, burning 50 men alive, but at the next moment, I felt his hatred and understood the reason for his actions. The story does not follow a specific path, and it merely moves along telling the story of dozens of people. It is a brutal book revealing the harshness of war and death, love and rape, and trust and treachery.

This has been the first book so far that I have really enjoyed that was about the times of the Trojans. The great thing about this book was it was a mixture of many things. It had the interesting aspects of the Trojan, Dardanian and Mykene peoples life and showed the different cultures and how they interacted with each other. It also had two people who by a glance had fallen in love, yet the circumstances facing them kept the possibility of them being together forever impossible. And finally, it had the harshness of the times. Men being burned alive, more being tortured to death to prove points, and women being raped for the fun of it.

This book is no fairy tale. Many are brutally killed and more are savagely beaten, but it is no harsh war story either. There is love that is born with the characters that gives them the will to battle and so the story goes on. This book is worth the read.
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