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Ryann Watters And The King's Sword by Eric Reinhold
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Aug 04, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: christian, teen-fiction

** spoiler alert ** Situated in Mount Dora, Florida, a mind-blowing adventure takes place between the battle of Good and Evil, darkness and light. Ryann Watters, a normal boy growing up in the beautiful town of Mount Dora is visited one night by Gabriel who appoints him the task of finding the mysterious King’s Sword. Unsure of what to do or how he would find it, Ryann sets out on his journey, growing closer to God and further understanding His ways.

Complete with talking animals, angels, demons and supernatural artifacts this is a sure go-for in most fantasy novels. What differentiates Ryann Watters from the run-of-the-mill fantasy clichés is the author’s inclusion of God and Godly principles. Bible versus are strewn beautifully throughout the book, and the character’s longing to read the Bible to further their quest is exhilarating. I really enjoyed the added effect of biblical morals and I hope that the Author includes this feature in future novels.

I don’t recall there being any killing or violence in the book. There is one battle at the end, but the writer doesn’t go into details. I’m sure parents who aren’t fond of gore and brutality will love the Author’s thoughtfulness on the subject.

I have nothing negative to say about the “King’s Sword” I found everything spot on. Although, I did have a difficult time connecting with the characters. I think the reason is because I am sixteen and reading about pre-teen adventures. Anyone can enjoy this title if they’re a fan of light-hearted fantasy, so it doesn’t matter about the age grouping, all of that rests in reader preference.

Before I finish, I applaud the author for his descriptive writing. There are too many times when I read youth books and the writing is so simplified it irritates me. This is another reason why children should be exposed to words they don’t know so they can actually learn how they are used. If a word is unrecognized they can look it up, the internet is full of resources. This doesn’t mean that writers should tack on strange, out-of-this world vocabulary, which can be just as disgusting.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and biblical morals added into a fun light-hearted, adventure that escapes from our modern day world and plunges the reader into another.

~Reviewed by Fawn Carter 08/4/09


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