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A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge
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Jul 30, 2009

really liked it

I liked this book muchly, although perhaps it was because I've been venturing outside the safe waters of sci-fi into weirder stuff that has to do with feelings and whatnot. Vinge doesn't have the page-turniness of Steven King, but I had a voraciousness for the book and I read it pretty fast. This caused some backup in my current events tracking, but apparently all I missed was some crap about some white professor being arrested by a black cop and "dissing" him so that he got arrested. I don't see the problem.

Anyway, this book is about a trading race that uses some Chinese / SE Asian proper names that travels between stars and provides the only continuous human culture, since planetary culture flares out every once in a while (probably because Jesus keeps coming back). This race, the Qing Ho (which he makes sure to point out is pronounced "ch" not "qw") finds a cool star with some spider-people living there and goes to exploit them. Unfortunately, a race of bad guys is headed the same direction. Who will win? It turns out that everyone loses, which is just like real life except for the spiders, which actually I have in my garage, although they don't have their own civilization (that I know of). If they do have a civilization, it's vulnerable to vacuum cleaners. Not in the book, in my garage. Anyway, it's a good book. Gracias to Ed Kaiser for turning me on to it, although he got the recommendation from Chris "36" Chambers. Chris also recommended Altered Carbon, which was pretty awesome and a bit better than this book. This one was still good.

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