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Exodus by Julie Bertagna
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Jul 29, 2009

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Mara’s world is covered by water. Due to global warning issues in the early 2000s, Mara’s island is one of the few pieces of land left. Now it’s 2100. The last of the ice caps are melting and Mara’s island, Wing, is slowly sinking under the cold ocean. While playing with a primitive electronic device called a cyberwizz, Mara discovers an old advertisement for sky cities. Perhaps this is the chance her poor island has to survive. One day Mara runs into a fox while surfing the Weave through the cyberwizz. For years, Mara has never encountered another being. The fox assures Mara there are cities high above the water line. Mara organizes the remaining inhabitants of her little island and the boats head out in search of a new world.

Miraculously, some of the boats from Wing make it to the sky city called New Mungo. The refugees from Wing are distraught to discover that New Mungo guards are not letting them inside the city. Boats filled with people from other sinking islands circle the walls of the city. Every few days a vehicle from the city swoops down and takes away a few inhabitants of the boats. Mara knows they can’t be going anywhere good. One day she watches a group of wild children playing around the base of the city. With all hope lost, Mara jumps into the ocean and swims to the children. She discovers, deep within the support structures of the city, a small population of people. The Treenesters, as they call themselves, believe that Mara is the girl from an ancient prophecy. According to the Treenesters, Mara will lead them to their own land where they can start their civilization again. When two of Mara’s friends are taken by New Mungo guards, Mara disguises herself and sneaks into the sky city. There, she is surrounded by advanced technology, but also discovers the dirty secrets behind the supposed super city.

Exodus is a thought-provoking look at what the world could be like if people don’t take care of the environment. Bertagna creates a devastatingly probable world complete with archaic references of the civilizations of the past.

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