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Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski
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I guess I should start by saying that after reading The Edge of Never I've come to have really high expectations for Ms. Redmerski's work. In hindsight it might appear that I was setting that bar impossibly high except for the fact that this book blew me away and surpassed all of my expectations.

Sarai has been Javier's prisoner for years. She has survived while always dreaming of surviving. Now, after nine years she finally has the chance in the form of Victor. Victor comes off as cold and unfeeling. I was unsure as to whether he is either closed of to his emotions or is simply unfeeling. At least that's what he wants us to think. Sarai, however, sees past his walls. As unwilling as he may be to helping her, he keeps finding himself in situations where that's exactly what's happening.

After Sarai's escape, I could see that the story was headed in a certain direction. Kill or be killed. As in Javier is unwilling to allow her to live and it becomes clear that one of them has to die. The story becomes centered around this and is clearly leading to this resolution. Honestly I expected the story to end once it got to this point. Yet, I was very pleasantly surprised when the story continued.

Up until that point, Sarai and Victor had been getting to know each other and accepting each other for who they really are. Past this point in the story, everything changes. They start to bond, walls start coming down, the pace of the story changes and Killing Sarai becomes about them, their development, their relationship and their bond. All in an action packed, suspenseful package.

In conclusion, I loved reading Killing Sarai. It was unexpected but real and romantic and truly an adventure. Redmerski has this talent of drawing her readers in and wrapping them around her fingers and there are so many plot twists laying in wait to keep us readers on our toes that there are no dull moments. All in all, a great read and one I recommend.

*I received a free copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review

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