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Promise Me This by Sarah Ashley Jones
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really liked it

3.5 Promise Me This Stars

”Did you really want to get to know me after you first saw me, or was it just the promise you made with Cameron that kept you around?”

”Love was a funny thing, especially when it came too fast. There was no doubt in my mind of my feelings for her, but I never wanted her to think that I took advantage of hers.”

This story wasn’t the most original plot I have read to date and there were a couple of typos scattered throughout the pages. But the story held my attention and the two main characters with their dual pov were extremely likable. I couldn’t get enough of them together. So kudos to Sarah Ashley Jones because she made me fall for Charlie and Jhett.

Charlie has flown out to California to pack up her twin brother’s apartment because he recently died in an accident. While packing up her brother’s belongings she struggles with her grief and the fact that he wanted her to join him to live free of their controlling parents and really live. Charlie finds a few items that lead her to Cameron’s friends and she falls for Jhett.

Jhett has made some promises to Cam where Charlie is concerned.

Jhett is a musician turned chef with a heart of gold who has never been in love and sports a pompadour. He had an extremely real feel to him.


”Stay a little longer. If it’s one thing Cameron didn’t stop talking about, it was how he wished that you came out here with him. Do you know he actually had plans to keep you out here this summer and show you what you were missing?

Charlie decides to spend the summer and live with no regrets while she gets closer and closer to Jhett.

”I don’t want to have to live with regrets like that. I want to start living for me, the way I should have been doing all along. No more trying to please everyone.”

Jhett and Charlie fall for one another and it was pretty swoon worthy. There are songs, bike rides and a restaurant to open. While these two got pretty hot and heavy and fall in love.

”As her lips crashed down onto mine, there were no words that had to be exchanged. I knew how she felt about me; I could feel it emanating off of her. I only hoped that I could live up to what she needed me to be.”

”Is this how you got all the girls to fall in love with you on tour? I motioned with my hands, following up and down the length of him. Jhett’s eyebrow raised just enough to match the smirk on his lips. “Why? Is that what’s happening to you?”

On the predictable route it seems that Jhett may have had something to do with Cameron’s accident and hasn’t told Charlie about his involvement. When the “truth” comes out things get pretty bad for Charlie.

The story will continue in a sequel but I’m comfortable with how the story ended for now. I will definitely be reading on to see what this author has up her sleeve.

”I’ve never meant anything more in my life. Those aren’t words I just throw around loosely,” I told her.

“Good. Because you’re the first guy to ever hear them from me.” She gave my hand a gentle squeeze.”

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June 23, 2013 –
53.0% ""As her lips crashed down onto mine, there were no words that had to be exchanged. I knew how she felt about me; I could feel it emanating off of her. I only hoped that I could live up to what she needed me to be.""
June 23, 2013 –
76.0% ""There was always the thought that somehow, this was all my fault. I caused all of her pain. I wanted to tell her that I should be the one who was sorry, but there are just some things that words can't explain." Okay totally nervous here - waiting for big connection..."
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Maya  ~the Pessimistic Happy Cat~ Great review, Jemmifer :)
So this is a cliffy??

message 2: by Jennifer (last edited Jun 24, 2013 09:14AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jennifer Kyle Maya wrote: "Great review, Jemmifer :)
So this is a cliffy??"

It leaves a reader confident that they can work it out.(:

message 3: by Exina (new)

Exina Awesome review, Jennifer!

Jennifer Kyle Exina wrote: "Awesome review, Jennifer!"

Thanks Exina (((:

Jennifer Kyle Thanks Soraya xoxxo

message 6: by Christy (new)

Christy Great review Jen! ♥

Sarah Ashley Jones Love this review! Thank you so much! All the quotes were awesome since I love seeing which ones people pick out. Book 2 will be out soon! :)

Jennifer Kyle Thanks Christy. ((:

Jennifer Kyle Sarah really a great Job -- Definitely looking forward to next book ((:

message 10: by • Lisa • (new)


Jennifer Kyle Lisa Jayne wrote: "FANTASTICALLY GORGEOUS review ❤❤"

Aw thanks Lisa Jayne (((((:

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