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Fading by E.K. Blair
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** spoiler alert ** 3 Stars!

How do I explain my feelings for this book? Well, first, I'd like to say that I liked it. I liked the dark aspects of it that made it a really intriguing read. In fact, the author did a really good job in making me feel what Candance was feeling. During the rape scene, my heart went out to her and I even shed a few tears. I understand how she could be so broken after what had happened to her. It was so BRUTAL.

Now, why didn't I rate it 5 stars like every one else? Because although this book was a nice story, it frustrated me beyond belief!!!! I understand that Candance was completely shattered as a person after the rape, but I still couldn't get on board with all the decisions she made. Here are a few that reallllllly bugged me:

1)After her rape by Jack, she refused to turn him in. She just wanted to forget about it and not think about it. And I get that she doesn't want it in the front of her mind, but he's a rapist out on the loose!!!!! In my mind, that pissed me off! Would she really be okay with this guy doing what he did to someone else? I felt like it was her responsibility to turn him in. Especially because the rape wasn't an "in the moment" type of the thing, where they were in the middle of making out and he just didn't hear her say no. NO. Jack ran after her and beat her up and raped her!!!! INTENTIONALLY. How can she just let him get away with it?! UGHHHHH!

2)Throughout the book, her best friends kept telling her that she was strong. But honestly, she broke down and let what happened to her dictate her life, all the way until the last chapter. It didn't seem so strong to me. AND THAT'S FINE. After what happened to her, I didn't expect her to be. But it got so annoying hearing how good she was doing, when in reality, she was anything but. She cried all the time, didn't want to go anywhere, refused to talk to her best friend and allowed that friendship to be ruined, and she was completely reliant on everyone around her. AGAIN, that is completely reasonable for someone in a her situation...but don't keep telling the reader how strong and fierce she is when she's not acting like it for 98% of the book!

3) I HATED the way she reacted to the news that Ryan was the witness to the rape. It was completely irrational and STUPID. I couldn't believe that she refused to let him explain it, and then when he did explain himself, she left him. His explanation was completely valid, and she had NO REASON to leave him. For her to think that he was just pitying her or lying to her? It seemed so dramatic and unnecessary. It pissed me off because Ryan was the perfect boyfriend, and he was so patient and kind with her. And the first sign of trouble that she has with him, she flees and makes plans to leave the state. She was just so frustrating!

So there you have it, I liked it...but it frustrated me more than I liked.

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Roselin Denis I feel the same way I actually pushed myself to finish reading it because she annoyed me with her self center selfish persona.

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