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Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn
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Buddy read with Nab & Vilda

Final rating: 4.5/5 stars

"The story that was too big for me to tell, the one that grew to fill the depths of my being and the far corners of my mind. It’s how I lost my system of meaning… but I haven’t lost everything."

This is a difficult book to review. So, let me start with the rating . Why 4.5 stars? 4 stars is because it was confusing at times and frustrating because you have absolutely no idea what is going on, and extra half star is for uniqueness . And most of all - because in the end i cried. I cried for unfairness, cruelty and shocking truth. I cried because it was heartbreaking and because i finally understood the story.

This book is different. It's unexpected and unpredictable . It will confuse the hell out of you but it will be worth it, if you can finish it - and not give up. This is not a long book, but i kept reading it because i had to know why all the mystery and why it was written how it was. I got my answer and i was not disappointed. Because this book... it's FANTASTIC. And it's also dark AND twisted . If you love dark and twisted, you are going to love this one too. Even if you are not fan of paranormal, but you love dark and drama, you will love it.

This book has another catch as well :

It is split in two parts: the past (antimatter) and present (matter) and each one of them catches your attention, and you can't help but want to follow the both stories without stopping. And yet, it's constantly switching, and it was really well done.

The less you know about this book, the better. Because, not knowing is why it was so shocking. And mostly because it is how it is. This book is completely psychological ... and in a way, paranormal too. After all, it's a story about wolves.

But, it's not a typical young adult werewolf story with the female protagonist having a good life.

This book is about a troubled teenager, Win/ Drew (Andrew Winston Winters) who is bitter, angry and so completely weird. His mind is confused, he is confused, and he doesn't know anymore who he is or what he is. He is completely alone and abandoned. No one understands him, nor no one really wants to understand him and yet... as a reader, you can't understand him either.

"There are wants and needs in this world, I think. There are hopes and guarantees. There are the things that are true and the things we need to believe in. And I’ve seen enough in my life to know I don’t believe in much."

And that is the magic of it - after a while, you start TO understand everything. And it will shock you (depending on how fast you understand the story, it may not shock you, but it was... breathtaking)

Which makes Win one of the most complex characters that i have ever read about.

There are so many other people in this book i really want to talk about, like Keith, Siobhan, Lex and Jordan, but saying anything would be spoilerish, and just a tiny bit of their stories would destroy the experience.


For a debut novel, this author sure knows how to deliver a unique and amazing story, but also heart wrenching and sad. This book is completely different and if you can make it till the end, it will be worth it. I loved it, because of it's complexity, weirdness and mystery and most of all, because of execution of it. 

This book is indeed Charm & Strange.

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Ferdy Yay! I hope you both enjoy it :)

Kristalia thanx hon <3333 if we don't like it we are coming after you mwahahahahah >:D

Ferdy LOL, you'll never find me :D

Kristalia who knows, maybe we get lucky :D
i really hope i will love it too :D

Kristalia wanna join us for tomorrow? <33

Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* Hope you guys enjoy x

Kristalia Vilda wrote: "Kristalia (◡‿◡✿) wrote: "wanna join us for tomorrow?

Ohh, really? I'd love to. :D Thanks for asking! <3"

woooooooohoooo, me is happy now <3333

Kristalia Rosalinda wrote: "Hope you guys enjoy x"

thanx Rosa ♥♥♥

Georgia ♥ Team Dex ♥ Have fun ladies! ❤

Feminista Forgive me Kris, I am starting now!

I didn't realise that post-exams meant the full up-take of all my household chores.

i just came home from the exam = freedom! :D
relax and read :D

Kristalia Georgia ♥ Team Dex ♥ wrote: "Have fun ladies! ❤"

thanx lovely ♥

Feminista Kristalia (◡‿◡✿) wrote: "HON, I AM STARTING SOON TOO <3
i just came home from the exam = freedom! :D
relax and read :D"

Yay! Hope your exams went well?

I just finished the book. It only took me a couple of hours.

It made me cry. :(

Let me know when you finish.

Kristalia hopefuly it did :) will see on monday :D

oh god you are fast O_O
buhuhuhuhuuh :(((
i am on ch. 16 now. Oh wow :D
i see it's five stars, i am impressed :D

Feminista It's a 4 star for literary but five for uniqueness. :-)

Kristalia oh, interesting :D i think its gonna be 4 stars from me :)
maybe a half star more for uniqueness and mystery :D

why not write a bigger review for it Nab?

Feminista I am cutting down on the amount of reviews I write!

It's just too much pressure. I read a lot of books, and I just can't find the time to write a good review. So unless I really dislike the book, or the book makes me feel like writing a review, only then, I shall write a review..

Not considering the ARCs I have to write reviews for.

Kristalia hahahaahhahaha

interesting :D well, it's always easy to write review about the book you hate but still....

Feminista I know.. lol. I rant while I read, because I am not engaged..

Whereas for the books I love. I try to read it in one sitting, after which I am too tired to write, after which I don't have the motivation to write :(

Kristalia awwwwwwww :(
anyway, i will surely write review for this one... because it's so... wow... unexpected

Feminista I can't wait to read it :)

I am sure you'll write a beautiful review deserving of this book!

Feminista lol. it's been shelved as paranormal :O

Kristalia Thank you lol <3
when i finish the book :D

yep, it is shelved as paranormal (view spoiler)

Feminista Yeah :)
It is misleading! But I reckon it should be shelved under (view spoiler)

Feminista Beautiful review Kris XD

Kristalia Nab wrote: "Yeah :)
It is misleading! But I reckon it should be shelved under [spoilers removed]"

yep, totally should have been shelved like that. And thank you ♥

Basuhi Great review Kris !!!

message 29: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Awesome review!

Kristalia Soraya Naomi wrote: "Fab review!! Stunning visuals, as always hun"

thanx lovely! :D

Kristalia Basuhi wrote: "Great review Kris !!!"

thanx hon ♥

Kristalia Lisa wrote: "Awesome review!"

thank you Lisa :D

Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤  Wonderful review Kris <3

message 34: by xrysa (new) - added it

xrysa Wolves???Do you have any idea how long I'm looking for a werewolf book??
Thanks Kris for the awesome review , I'll try to read it soon :))

Kristalia Pavlina wrote: "Wonderful review Kris <3"

thanx hon! <3

Kristalia kristina wrote: "Wolves???Do you have any idea how long I'm looking for a werewolf book??
Thanks Kris for the awesome review , I'll try to read it soon :))"

hehehe thanx Kris <3
well, you will be surprised with this book, just don't give up reading it :D

message 37: by "That's All" Ash (new)

"That's All" Ash GORGEOUS review, Kristalia! ♥

Kristalia Thank you Ash! :D

message 39: by Komal (new) - added it

Komal Mikaelson Amazing review, Kris :)

Kristalia Komal wrote: "Amazing review, Kris :)"

thanx Komal dear :D

Kristalia yep, i think shelfing this one is so spoilerish lol

thanx a lot dear <3 and yeah, it so was. Hahahaa, good to know that our buddy read had some influence afterall :D
this book is better read in company :P

message 42: by Chester (new) - added it

Chester Carstairs Amazing review, Kristalia! I think this just moved to the top of my tbr! :D

Kristalia Thanx Chester :D oh, this book was... so interesting :)

message 44: by Shreya (new)

Shreya Totally spoiler-free review Kristalia, which makes it damn confusing!!! Hahahahaha!!! I'm adding it to my TBR list immediately... :)

Kristalia ahahahahahahahahahahahh you should :D well, trust me... i tried my best writing this review but, believe me, it still is the minimum :D when you read it just don't quit :D it's fast read but it's also frustrating first 30% because you have no idea what is happening but all is well done in the end :D

Georgia ♥ Team Dex ♥ Such a beautiful review my heartbroken crystal... *sniff*
Big hug, love! ❤

Kristalia heheheh thanx love <3 <3 <3

message 48: by Shreya (new)

Shreya You've got me really inspired to check this one out, girly!!! ;) :D

Kristalia hehehe good to know hon :)
you should :D

message 50: by Hershey (new) - added it

Hershey Fantastic review, Kris!

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