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Stone Chameleon by Jocelyn Adams
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it was amazing
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I am not one to use unnecessary profanity. But fuck me, that novel was fucking awesome. Lou Hudson brings a whole new level to the words ‘kick-ass urban fantasy heroine’. She is strong, she is likable, she is different enough from her contemporaries (Merit, Kate Daniels, Elena Deveraux) to be considered unique – plus she has some cracking side-kicks who make the Scooby gang look like amateurs on a day out at the fair.

This book rocked my world so much I was late for a romantic meal to celebrate my first wedding anniversary. Ooopsie! So if you like urban fantasy series – I urge you to try this one on for size.

Are you getting the picture? (I really enjoyed it – heaps and heaps).


Crap. Did I just shout that? Sorry, it just fell out of my mouth. I didn’t mean to say it so loud… he’s just… sigh… a controlling idiot vamp. A controlling, idiotic vamp in a kilt (I’m currently on my knees singing the hallelujah chorus). Thank you Ms. Adams, are you sure you haven’t been peeking into my daydreams? I have all fingers and toes crossed that this character becomes a permanent feature in this series.


Lou Hudson is your friendly local exterminator, but instead of debugging your house or chasing away the odd venomous spider, (which is how I spent last Sunday…) she’ll make that pesky vamp hiding out in your basement move on.

Lou ‘the exterminator’ Hudson

In this world, paranormal creatures are well… normal. There’s no para about it. Vampires feature very heavily, (we’ll touch on that a bit more later, sigh!) as well as elves and other supes. Lou is different though, she’s the only jinn left on the planet. She cannot tell anyone what she is, so needless to say, life is a little lonely for her. To talk, mention or breathe about who she is would mean sayonara bitches – instant death. As a race, the jinn always struggled with their unstable powers, posing a danger to the populace, and when Lou was a baby they were wiped off the face of the earth. Sadly, her father was one of those caught up in the slaughter.

Now, I find that being a jinn means different things in different books. Up until now I always thought of a jinn as a genie type character. Granting wishes and popping in and out of scenes in a diaphanous gown. This isn’t the case in the Ironhill series. Jinn’s are divided into factions by their own unique elemental ability. Lou has an affinity with the earth, stone in particular. This means she is a stubborn hard-ass who likes to get down and dirty in her attempts to keep the streets safe at night.


Say hello to Persian hottie Amun (waves excitedly). The poor thing has had a hard on for Lou for a few years now. After briefly meeting her at a function in the city the business man has been doggedly pursuing her, trying to organise a dastardly date – damn the man! Lou’s not so keen though and has been in a permanent meeting with aliens on top of Mount Everest for the last couple of years. There’s only room for one man in her life and that is Benny her pet guinea pig. Pity. He’s too slick for her, too handsome – too much. But faint heart never won fair maiden and Amun manages to catch her attention in a big way. He knows she’s a jinn and rocks her world by telling her so. The funny thing is he knows too much about her, her family, her power. How?

In-between her job and trying to avoid Amun, Lou has to meet up with city cop Gerry as well as the lord of the Ironhill vampire hive, Isaac MacIWanderIfHeHasUnderwearOnUnderThatKilt? Things are a bit testy between them all and their working relationship is somewhat rocky.


Not to mention, this vamp has some pretty bad trust issues, even though Lou has proven her worth in the past time and time again.

Isaac is not a good person. He does some pretty shitty things to Lou during the course of the story. Interestingly, I can see from other people’s reviews of this book that he hasn’t been held in very high regard. I don’t care. I’m going to be stubbornly persistent and say that this guy has hidden depths. Hopefully they’re not too deep though. Just saying.

The only thing I see as a potential downer to this series is that it seems to be edging into, ‘oh no there’s two really hot guys into me and I’ll mess them around badly until I pick the one I want territory’. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this and Isaac does turn out to be a complete arsehole.

I would love to find out when the next book is coming out, but unfortunately my mystic spies cannot find anything. I can’t wait though. Can’t. Wait.

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