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Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers
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Jul 20, 2009

really liked it
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Read in December, 2009

Three words: (some girls are) very very mean

I really wish I could write an intellectual, well thought out, comprehensive review, that could do an exceptional book justice. Because if a book ever deserved that type of review it would be Some Girls Are.

I honestly don’t know how Courtney does it. How can she write a character that is a bitch, in all essence of the word.... and make me like her.... feel sorry for her even! I should hate her, hate all that she stands for, for all those bitches in high school that thought they were.... well that’s another story for a different day.

That’s who Regina is- a bitch, and yet, I empathized with her. I felt sorry for her. I found myself nodding in agreement, with her conniving plans to get back at the girls that were making her life a living hell. Who brainwashed me into feeling this way... Courtney Summers did, that’s who. She manipulated me with her words! She used her amazing talent to deconstruct my view of something that had always been black and white, bitch and non-bitch and made it... GRAY! How dare you!? Now I’m wondering... do bitches have feelings too....? Do bitches deserve second chances. Do bitches deserve the sweetest guy on the planet?

Speaking of sweetest guys on the planet.... was anyone else feeling that tension between those two, or was it just me. I know it couldn’t possibly be just me... but I just wanted to scream..KISS HER ALREADY! I know you hate her, but give her a big ole’ I hate you kiss!

I really wanted to do intellectual, but it’s obviously not happening.

Seriously though... I can’t say enough good things about this book. Courtney has a very distinct style, and I really enjoy reading her books. She has great characterization, the plot is just insane... when you think these girls couldn’t be more mean, well they can and they Are.

I could not put this book down, and yet.. it was hard to read. I literally picked it up hoping to get a few chapters in and ended up reading the whole thing through.

The realistic portrayal of these girls is absolutely disturbing, in a grossly addicting way. You don’t want to see what horrible things they do next... yet you do. How is that possible... am I just a masochist like that?

And here I raise my glass... to Courtney Summers... the queen of mean. Not that I’m saying Courtney is mean, she is in fact very sweet, but damn, she knows how to write some mean ass girls!

I’m ready for book three, NOW.
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message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Tang great review! I keep such great things about it, can't wait to read it too! I have Courtney Summers' first book but I haven't read it yet, is it as good as this one? Or close?

Haley Summers reminds me of that one quote "Blessed are the artists,for in their hands they hold the world." She wrote it realistically and yet in such a captivating, amazing way...I don't know how I can review this book.

Michelle Ham I only lasted one day in the popular group. It was too exhausting - it was uncool to go to the toilet and I'm the wee queen! (Disclosure - I was in grade six) 😂

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