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Jun 12, 2013

(Review from the author)
it was amazing
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Update 03/01/17 this was removed for a lonnng time but is now back on Amazon in a duel edition with both books here:

And the final part of the story is now available:

UPDATE- 28th August 2013

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Update - 27/08/2013

After a reviewer told me they found the content too dark I have updated the disclaimer - it now reads:

**Please note that this story-line contains violence and some non-consensual sexual activity. This includes reference and some in depth discussion/imagery of battery, under-age sexual references, rape, torture and murder. This is not an exclusive list - You have been warned**

Messy has now been uploaded and should be available within the next 12 hours.

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Updated 09/08/13

Some new exclusive quotes from the soon to be released Messy and Shattered -

'The butcher may not want the pig to die, but he’ll still hang its corpse up and cut the meat to sell it; it is a job and maybe that is all this is to a man like Draco.' - Quote from Messy and Shattered (TBR)

Updated 16/07/13

Cover Reveal:

Updated 28/06/13
Except: (please note that this has not yet been edited by a professional and therefore you may find errors in the text. The excerpt may change in publishing and editing stages)

Chapter Two - Draco

I breathed in the Italian air, I had never visited Italy before, I had only been here a week but it wasn't looking promising. Usually we went to Romania or Istanbul but we needed something different, someone different.
I have been with Rahul for two years, he worked in a very stern business, he wasn't a nice man, he was a psychopath, I had watched him beat girls senseless, rape them until they bled and sell girls as young as thirteen. Once I was out of this mess I was going to kill him, I had no interest in any fucked up justice with Rahul, and I wanted vengeance for all the woman and girls that suffered down to him.

I was the recruiter today; I had to choose her, all this time they never expected me to choose one. Rahul had made it sound like a privilege.
"You've been here long enough, you know how it works. You choose the best, the most beautiful, the easy target and the one with the least mess to clean up. We watch in the shadows and then strike"

“I don't know, Rahul. I mean I've watched you choose every girl but of course I need a lesson on what to do; I’m more than fucking ready"
I had to impress him, I had to choose the perfect girl for him, and my life depended on it. I had to think of the other people in this, the other women that would be saved through this sacrifice. Once I had proved my worth, Rahul would finally accept me and I would be in place to do what I came here to achieve.

I was on the hotel balcony, I needed to choose her soon and this eagle eye view was the only way to pick someone without anyone suspecting us. You never interact with a product before you're claiming it; I decided to forget what might happen to her, what she might have to endure, it had to happen. I saw a lone girl; she had long chocolate brown hair down to her breast bone and lightly tanned skin, her eyes were covered by large dark sunglasses and her lips were pursed slightly. She looked a little scared and yet strong. I saw her pull out a map from her draw string black bag. She squinted at the map and stood firmly to the spot. Suddenly her face lit up and I heard another voice, a British voice.

"Aimee! The hotel is right there. I told you we were close." This girl was younger; at a guess I would say sixteen at the most. She was stunning and I heard Rahul come up behind me.

"Nice eye there, Draco. The red head is perfect. I would fetch a lot for her. The brunette is okay, but two girls could be tricky. I must say I am impressed, newbie."

That was it, I couldn't say no. I couldn't choose anyone else. I looked at Rahul; his eyes fed lust and want as he stared at the young girl. My stomach flipped and I tried to act nonchalant. Rahul had dark skin, a wide nose and eyes that could cripple you to the ground; I had never seen eyes so black. He was short but had more muscle than fat. I had fought him once and I knew how much strength he held.

"Rahul, I have an idea. You get the red head and I get the brunette. I think I could teach her a few things" I finished my response with a wink and Rahul laughed and punches my arm lightly.

"Knew I kept you around for a reason"

I already had a plan in place, I just hoped that it was worth it and more than that I hoped I could go through with it.

"We need to have the key to the room, Rahul. How else will be abduct them?" I said with a tiny plea in my voice.
"Well we haven't studied them yet; we may be wasting time on this"
"Come on, were will we find two girls like that. British girls none the less" I was trying to be persuasive but I had a feeling it wasn't working too well.

"British? Well in that case..." he handed me his wad of cash from the inside of his tailor made suit jacket " better get down there fast and have a word with reception".

**Please note that this storyline contains heavy violence and non-consensual sexual activity**
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Quotes Mercy Liked

Mercy Cortez
“He was the devil in a Sunday hat; he dressed and acted like a civil man, but inside he was just hatred and filth. Then, I guess after what I was planning to do to save a life, I wasn't too dissimilar to him.”
Mercy Cortez, Messy and Shattered

Mercy Cortez
“Rahul’s great idea, he said that having either darkness or too much white made someone’s sanity decay and made them easier to manipulate. In the dark, though, they felt they could hide, and in Rahul’s words... 'They can hide, but they can’t run' he used that like a mantra.”
Mercy Cortez, Messy and Shattered

Mercy Cortez
“I was trying to be polite, I felt like the beast making an effort to be kind to the beauty. The only difference is that this beauty wouldn’t find her handsome prince in the end.”
Mercy Cortez, Messy and Shattered

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JaHy☝Hold the Fairy Dust I can't wait to meet Draco.

Mercy Cortez Oh I dunno, he is very complex lol. You might wish you hadn't ;)

JaHy☝Hold the Fairy Dust Mercy wrote: "Oh I dunno, he is very complex lol. You might wish you hadn't ;)"

I'll take my chances ;-)

message 5: by Liz (new)

Liz Wow . . Incredible and I cannot wait!!

Mercy Cortez I am hoping the very latest it will come out is September; my aim is slightly earlier :)

message 7: by Katie (new) - added it

Katie do you know when this will be back on amazon?? I can't find it anywhere!!!

message 8: by Lepp (new) - added it

Lepp Don't tell me Amazon pulled this book too?! It's only been 2 days!

Mercy Cortez Yeah, unfortunately it won't be back on amazon, they are refusing it so it is here for free download for the foreseeable future. Thank you.

message 10: by Lepp (new) - added it

Lepp Amazon is really starting to piss me off lately with this censorship crap. But I downloaded it and I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks! :)

Aleera Thank you for the free download. I am sorry about all that Amazon shit.

message 12: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Estrada I'm trying to find this book on amazon to purchase, and can not find it??

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