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A Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler
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Jul 15, 2009

it was amazing

Anne Tyler is a master of creating characters, and this book is no different. Barnaby is, actually, a good person. He has made some mistakes to be sure, but his heart is ultimately good. I found myself confused by the ending. Obviously, he wants Sophia to have the money, but he lies about it. I also found the note odd, 'You never DID realize...' It's in the past tense, which almost suggests they have reached an end (assuming Tyler chooses her words that carefully). Also, Barnaby had sort of a moment at the end in which it almost seems like he decides he has deeper feelings for Martine, who he already had a one-night stand with. My question is, who does he end up with. He and Sophia are good for each other, but they had a somewhat strained relationship the last couple chapters.

I think Tyler captures the famliy dynamic well. One of the most sad things is that I think Barnaby's father truly has moved past the past. He does not bring it up, insists Barnaby does not have to pay them back, berates Margo(t) for continuing to brings it up, etc. I think, in some way, he is proud of Barnaby for putting his life together. The trouble is that Mr. Gaitlin is a typical stand-offich Dad, to a certain extent, which Barnaby mistakes for sour feelings.

Over all, this is a very good book, which any Anne Tyler book is. I like that almost all of her novels have the ambigous ending. 1) It lets the reader know, life goes on. The lives of the characters continue, which is nice, since you get so attached. 2) It lets the reader decide what happens. Very good read.

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