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Watch over Me by Tara Sivec
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If you are a fan of telling and emotionally charged stories like John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, K.A. Tucker’s Ten TinyBreaths, or Katja Millay’s The Sea of Tranquility, then you definitely want to read Tara Sivec’s WATCH OVER ME. Tara completely floored me with this book and I highly recommend this novel to those who love new adult stories that deal with raw and real emotions and situations.

“Death changes everyone.

It changes the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you live your life. Sometimes it makes you thankful for what you have, but more often than not, it makes you regret things you’ve lost.”

Addison Snow is your typical teenager. She’s got lots of friends at school, is part of the cheer squad and has the love and support of her mother/best friend and father. Everything in Addison’s life is going well until she gets that fateful call from her mother telling her that she’s been diagnosed with leukemia. It’s this diagnosis and subsequent death of her mother that shatters Addison’s life into a million pieces. Utterly heartbroken and feeling lost over her mother’s death; Addison dives into a very dark and desperate place that leaves her broken.

“I’m eighteen years old and I’ve spent the better part of five months in a black hole that I can’t seem to claw my way out of. Every breath I take, every moment in time I experience, is another reminder that the one person who should be here with me, guiding me and supporting me, is gone.”

The thing about WATCH OVER ME that made it so personal for me is the relationship between Addison and her mother. Like me, Addison’s best friend is her mother. She is her rock, confidant, and number one supporter. Her relationship with her mother is what every mother and daughter relationship should be. She can laugh and cry with her Mom like a she could with a best friend but also count on her to dose of motherly advice. So when Addison loses her mother, the complete and utter devastation she felt shot straight to my heart. For anyone who has a strong bond with their mother (or any parent) like Addison shared with her mother, you will feel every bit of pain that Addison’s heart, mind, and soul felt.

“The power he has over me should scare me, but for some reason it doesn’t. He reminds me what it’s like to forget about my problems and just laugh like no one is watching. He makes me feel alive again.”

You’re probably thinking, “Debbie, this story just seems so depressing, how did you keep on going?” Well I’ll tell you how. Zander Reinhardt. Doesn’t his name alone just scream book boyfriend? Zander is the young gentleman that helps start to shine some light in Addison’s life. Ladies, Zander is total book boyfriend material. You will totally swoon over the guy as soon as you meet him. He’s cute, adorable, and has that quirky sense of humor that will knock the pants right off of you. My initial though about Zander was that he reminded me of Augustus Water from The Fault in Our Stars. Those who have read TFiOS know just how charming Augustus was so you should get excited about Zander Reinhardt. He was slow and persistent in hooking Addison and even more patient when she was still working through her issues and fears. Zander was just the perfect person Addison needed to show her just how to live again and that’s what made me love him even more.

“It’s life. It’s the bumps and bruises, the pain and the fear; it’s messy and it’s real and it’s not some perfect little story that can be tied up in a bow.”

I knew that Tara Sivec had the ability to make me laugh so hard that I would be pissing my pants but I had NO idea she could get me crying so hard that I had to put my iPad down and rushing to my cell phone to give my mommy a call. WATCH OVER ME is a brilliantly emotional and moving story about love, loss, hardship, disappointment, rediscovery, and finding the light within yourself in moments of darkness. There were so many times where I looked at Addison and thought I easily could be her. I easily could have fallen into the dark places her mind went to and felt us achingly numb as she did. Suffering a great loss like that is devastating but Addison’s story teaches us that it is possible to swim up from the depths of despair and find a way to move on and keep on living.

“You can still pick up the pieces, Sugar. They fell apart for a little while, but it doesn’t mean anything is damaged. Everything can be fixed. And you don’t have to fix it alone. There’s always someone who will help you rebuild.”

There’s a lot more to Addison’s story than losing the greatest loss of her life but I don’t want to get all spoilery on you because I really think that you all should read this. The beauty of this novel is seeing Addison slowly breathe life back into her and finding out that just because we’ve lost someone doesn’t mean they are gone forever. I’ve read every single book that Tara has released but WATCH OVER ME is hands down my favorite book of Tara’s so far. I can’t think of enough praising words to describe to you how much I loved and adored this book. It’s something that you will need to experience for yourself. I know publishers have been loving emotional indie reads like Colleen Hoover's Slammed, K.A Tuckers, Ten Tiny Breaths, and Katja Millay's The Sea of Tranquility, so I have a feeling Watch Over Me will be one be they'll want to snatch up soon. Warning: You’ll definitely need a box of tissues while you read and get the urge to call or hug your mothers as soon as you’re done.


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