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Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
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Jul 13, 2009

it was amazing
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I will preface my review by saying that I do not like were stories. I find them brutish, dim, and dull. Naturally, upon discovering that this book was about weres, I placed it right back onto the shelves and kept walking. Two years later I happened upon a marvelous new YA series called Darkest Powers written by none other than Kelley Armstrong. I was enthralled with Armstrong’s ability to create a world so palpable that I felt as though I could reach out and touch the characters. She even swayed my stubborn mind to find a fascination for a few supernatural species that I once hated. After quickly devouring the two books within the Darkest Powers series, I decided to set my sights ahead to her adult fiction works. As Bitten is the first book of her Women of the Otherworld series, I had to bite the perverbial bullet, set my discriminating thoughts about weres aside, and immerse myself in the mind of the one and only female werewolf. I l.o.v.e.d. it! I won’t summarize the book, others have done that much better than I ever could, but I will touch on a few hi-lights.

Elena is an admirable heroine. Riddled with flaws and self doubt, she provides a narrative that is so honest, despite her lack of self awareness, and so endearing, that you can’t help but like her. She isn’t “nice”, on the contrary, she is snarky, moody, aggressive, and a tad bit self involved. However, knowing her background allows readers, or rather, allowed me to understand these traits and sympathize with her logic. I wanted to shake her at times, I gritted my teeth more than once, but she wasn’t despicable and she certainly isn’t meek as so many heroines often are. In fact, she even kicks a little arse and the men of The Pack view her as an equal as does her love interest, Clay.

Clay, what can I say about Clay? He just might eclipse my fictional husband, Jace Wayland. Clay is intelligent, and yes, he’s good looking, temperamental, witty, loyal and honest. These traits alone would make a girl swoon, but even more appealing is his possession of a child like exuberance that is so disarming it gave me butterflies. I know, spoken like a true sap. From the moment I was introduced to him in this story, I knew two things, he was utterly and irrevocably in love with Elena and that I was going to like him, a lot. I was right.

Bitten contains a tight, cohesive and compelling plot, but more importantly, it contains well developed, winning characters that I won’t soon forget. Elena’s path of self discovery is woven beautifully throughout the book and I can’t wait to read more about her, Clay and The Pack.

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Tatiana I am half done with this book. It's alright, I think you'll like it so far. Not as funny or sexy or angsty as I would like, but nice mythology.

Heather Hmm, I was looking for angsty. Oh well, it has good ratings. I normally shy away from werewolves, they freak me out for some reason, but we shall see....

Tatiana These days I consider Succubus angsty, anything less is nothing:) I haven't read anything even close to succubus angst in this book. Just so you know.

Heather Oh no, there is no angst in these books, though I did tear up at the end of The Fury, not due to angst, I just thought it was sad. I flat out ball at the end of Dark Reunion, but I'll have to explain that later, cause you will judge me once you finish, if I don't explain why I cried.

Oh, the angst of Succubus is hard to rival, though, if you didn't already know the end of Mortal Instruments, I could say with 100% confidence that Jace and Clary angst trumps Seth and Georgina angst hands down. There is no angst like Mortal Instrument angst...

Tatiana No MI angst in my case. That source of angst is long out for me:) Did you suffer after finishing book 1?

Heather Oh wait, we are on Bitten, lol. For some reason I thought we were still talking VD, lol.

I'm not sure about this series, like I said, werewolves make me nervous, but I have yet to see a bad review, so I'm going to trust it...

I actually thought that Succubus Blues had more angst than Succubus Heat. By the end of Blues, I was devestated, but still liked Seth enough, that I wanted things to work out with him and G. Now, I just flat out don't care what happens to him. I'm on team Roman, so no more angst. Now with VA though, there is still major angst. We'll see if she can keep it up after blood promise.

The brillance with Clare is she only had three books, in book 1 there is angst over whether or not Clary and Jace will get together, in book 2, there is angst about them struggling with their feelings, and the third, well, I'm not going to tell you, but there was certainly angst...:)

Heather Oh god yes I suffered after book one. I just couldn't believe they were brother and sister, it was terrible. I waited an entire year for COA...

Tatiana I understand the confusion. We've been talking VD on all book threads, including Rev Road and Gone:) Just can't stick to one place

message 9: by Tatiana (last edited Jul 13, 2009 02:05PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tatiana Heather wrote: "Oh god yes I suffered after book one. I just couldn't believe they were brother and sister, it was terrible. I waited an entire year for COA..."

I prefer another type of angst. This is a bit incestious, don't you think?

P.S. I hope I didn't commit a majot crime against MI in your eyes just now:)

Heather You know, this is going to sound awful, but I didn't care...

One, I never really believed they were brother and sister, there were just so many hints indicating otherwise.
Two, they weren't raised together. They were complete strangers who fell in love, only to discover that they might be brother and sister. I was so in love with the both of them and their relationship, that it was sheer torment to think that they might be related. And the characters were in such torment that it was just so painful and angsty to read...

Heather Not at all, I get the question a lot, and it has actually kept me from recommending it to others at times. But the series truly is amazingly well written as are the characters.

I can honestly say that if I were in Clary's position, I would be just as tormented. I would have done the same things as bad as that may sound...

Heather Trust me, Jace is impossible not to love and would be just as impossible to walk away from....

Tatiana We'll have to talk about it once I actually read the books.

I got to go home now.

TTY tomorrow

Tatiana WOW! It's definitely a 5-star review

Heather Thank you :)

Tatiana You are now an official fictional polygamist:)

Heather LOL, next thing you know, I'll be on GR news as they raid my compound, ie, profile to find my other fictional loves...

Heather I have a sick facination with polygamist. I don't know why. I'm looking forward to reading The Chosen One.

Tatiana Same here, and I know a lot about them - I've read quite a few books about it.

Tatiana I might read it next, before Helen of Troy. I need to prepare myself to like it, don't want to murder another of your faves.

Heather I haven't read many, but it is so far beyond any logic I can understand that I feel compelled to disect them...

Heather It's okay if you don't like Helen of Troy. I love that one, but it is a bit sappy. I'm a huge lover of greek mythology, in part because of my studies at school, so I devour any book on the subject. The author did a great job of forming a realistic POV, Helen, while keeping true to the original epic that allowed us to know about the legend, The Illiad.

Tatiana I don't see anything that could make me react to Helen of Troy the way I reacted to COB. The apparent plagiarism just k!lled COB for me.

Heather I wouldn't call it plagiarism, she didn't lift dialog but it is very very obvious what her inspriations were. The world does get more complicated and detailed, but I agree with all the paralells you menioned.

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