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Impostor by Susanne Winnacker
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it was ok

Moments of this could be so frustrating because outside her taking on someone else’s body, this is really just another book of a girl who doesn’t fit in. So, frustration? There were many: I hated how she kept on droning on and on and on about what a hotty Alec was. My frustration’s made worse by the moments of clarity on her part when she’d see how she could be (pathetic?). Plus, there’s also no real explanation to why Alec was the way he was. When it came to her he’d be hot then cold then hot… and why again? Then there’s the best friend goading her on one direction then the opposite nary a moment of her saying Stop. Think. Consider. But really, its the girl loves boy and everyone knows it drama that was the worst.

That aside it’s their abilities and what they do with it where things got better. I like how they’re all X Men, but instead of it being school of a different sort… we have them doing something with what they’re taught because for her it’s a baptism of fire of sorts. And what’s she found herself in? A small town that’s shocked by one murder after another, there she’s to become one Madison.

It’s here that the little dramas of this girl’s life becomes the focus of things; less about catching the bad guy and more about figuring out how this girl fits into the bigger picture… but the closer Tessa looked, the clearer it was that the Maddy’s not just little small town girl after all. Suffice to say, there’s more than one discovery Tessa wishes she had not made.

I just wish we had more though on the baddies and their why’s. One bad guy in this one and what he could do had me taken aback because the reveals on his end had me scratching my head asking, ‘Is that all?’ All those other people and what could have been their roles… had me wondering more too… as there’s very little reasoning why they were suspects or whatnot. Then when one thing happened then another, everything fell too neatly into place... and I wasn’t buying it. It’s the brother (not brother) who was the most interesting to me… otherwise, this was OK sometimes, but frustrating in others.

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