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The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons
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Jul 11, 2009

really liked it

Concluding the Hyperion books at last -- in shifts of two books each spread over a couple years -- was ultimately quite satisfying. I struggled with my star ratings on all but third book "Endymion," rounding down on both "Hyperion" and "Fall of Hyperion" just because, oh, I don't know, I'm an ass or something. So I rounded up the 3 1/2 stars this concluding volume normally would warrant. Can't say I'm a complete bastard.

"The Rise of Endymion" adequately answers most of the mysteries of the preceding volumes, albeit in a rather longwinded manner; parts of this one drag. The section of the book set in a world of crags and cliffs above a poisonous sea is a slow slog. In addition, this extraordinarily imaginative far-future series does go too far. The revelation of the extent of so-called "messiah" Aenea's powers prompts a few "hey, wait a minute ..." moments. (Wait ... if she can do THAT, why didn't she do it when they were in danger of being killed/captured 150 pages go?)

Anyway, I'm glad I read the last two books. At worst, one must admire Simmons' astonishingly detailed, well-thought-out world (worlds). I'm not sure I've ever encountered any novels of the far future that are this imaginative and intricate. It's really quite startling.

"The Rise of Endymion" isn't perfect, but it's hard to imagine tying together this many loose strands in a better way. And Aenea's-Raul Endymion's final fate is just about perfect.

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