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The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
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Jul 09, 2009

it was ok
Read in August, 2009

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What will they think up next? If they were like some YA writers, most likely the same crap they have been spinning over the past two decades. Well, maybe just one decade. And this is the part where I yearn for the authors of my past lives, and/or the nineties.
Originally, when I wrote this prehistoric review, I gave an extra star out of acknowledgement of hard work. It can keep it, I guess. But by the time I revisited this in the future, I was hoping that the scenery would have graduated from zombies and vampires. It has, but it only has moved from the pits of hell to the exact opposite, sex appeal beings on earth. Hurrah. Though I have to say, I am looking forward to them graduating to gargoyles.
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The Forest of Hands and Teeth begins with quite strong grabber paragraph, "My mother used to tell me about the ocean...always moving towards you and away." That in itself was obvious to the one standing at the shore. But since I live in the Pacific, I am of course going to be cynical about this statement. I see the ocean almost every day, lucky me, but imagine how incredible it must be to a person who has never seen a body of water that huge and terrifying before.

As I progressed with this particular YA read I found, of course, errors that comes with your first book ever. Since I began with mine various titles I have learned that a flawed manuscript is better than a meticulously perfect and dreary one. Finding editing mistakes and sentance inprefections makes it WAY better, it reminds the reader that the creator of this world is human like them, and they have pains in the same manner (well, mostly.Writers block is worst than many cancers). But my mind readily agreed with this Zombie infested world. It was nicely crafted, and although I was not "enchanted" or anything with this book, it still has a place in my heart. Why? Well, for one, the YA authors I have met on Myspace and such are more CONNECTED with each other and their readers than adult writers, well, most of them anyways. I plan on being different, to let readers know I love them for trying to connect with their favorite writers. It is more important to readers the quality of the book if the author actually wants to talk to them, whether they are a bunch of macadamia nut cookies or not.

(I realize that this review is mostly thought and not information...but there should be a shooting rocket in reviews sometimes. It is an effort to not be conformitative."
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message 2: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Gargoyles would be nice. I loved the gargoyles in Meredith Ann Peirce's trilogy.

Kelly Pierce! How I miss her...wonder what she is up to of late. *trots off to wikipedia*

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