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Wilde Nights in Paradise by Tonya Burrows
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Lots of authors manage to create enjoyable reads. But it's an entirely different thing to make your readers LOVE your characters. To make them want to climb in the book and pound on people when they're giving the hero or heroine a hard time. To set off that protective don't you mess with my baby hand on the hip pissed off mama bear reaction in someone. And that's where Tonya Burrows gets me. She makes me freaking love her characters.

I had a great time with Wilde Nights in Paradise and so much fun getting to know Jude and Libby. Their romance combined two of my favorite themes...reunions/second chances and fake mates... these two had a doozy of a break up years earlier and now they're having to pretend to be an item once again to keep her safe from an escalating stalker. Drama, suspense and steam abound! And it was a delightful ride.
"Want to tell me what that was about?"

He took great care in pouring his own glass, but still wouldn't meet her gaze.

"Well?" she prompted.

"I feel ridiculous."

"You should." And she probably shouldn't take so much delight in the fact that his ears had turned bright red, but.. honestly, it was adorable. She would have dialed down her teasing if he wasn't laughing at himself right along with her. "You screamed like a little girl."

"Bullshit." He finally looked up with an expression of mock horror. "It was a manly scream."

"Very manly," she said and patted his hand.

Libby was a great heroine. She's strong, smart, maybe a little too stubborn and naive sometimes and is dealing with a lot of hurt from their past relationship. While I didn't love all of her reactions I totally got why she was how she was. And I really enjoyed her...especially when she let her defenses down.

But Jude is the one that won the show for me. Won the show. This is a hero that... made me laugh, made me frustrated, heated me up and got me teary eyed. He's an incredible man that has a lot more to him than the people around him give him credit for. Maybe he's earned his reputation and their less than stellar opinions about him but it still ticked me right the heck off on his behalf. Really. I had to put the Nook down and step away for a couple minutes because ohmygod this cat herder was reading to bring down some pain on a couple people. lol Because he is an amazing guy and if they'd just look a little deeper they'd see it, ya know? *whew* okay. Really. I'm good now. lol

Even though parts were very emotional (they totally had me in friggin tears!) there was a hell of a lot of humor mixed in too which really makes for a fun read. I loved watching these two hash out their past and their undeniable attraction to each other and discover some surprises along the way.The steamy scenes were hot. Like make you pant, rattle the headboard hot. Some interesting locations too. And damn I loved it. There were some very tender sweet moments as well which really rounded things out nicely.

I really loved Wilde Nights in Paradise. Everything about it. Even the parts that made me want to scream I loved because it just showed how much Burrows had me invested in these two. From tears to joyous laughs and surprised moments this was a winner for me and easily gets a Pick of the Litter rating. If you love a hot romance, second chances and a touch of suspense to top it all off this is one you need to get.
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