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Better by John  O'Brien
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Jul 06, 2009

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"This is how it is in the universe. This is how the universe holds our attention. More importantly, this is how the universe keeps us from checking out, committing no-frills suicide: by keeping the attraction in the act, not the result. That is, we fuck for the fucking, not for the babies; they are merely a by-product of what we're really into--or so it would seem to us. We are not important. Our interests in babies is not important. The machine runs on stronger stuff, and what is revealed is only what's revealed."

"My hands are now in her shirt. Her breasts are firm, supple, receptive to my touch. I open her shirt and see that they are truly pretty things; in fact, above all they are just that--pretty things. It seems that right now, being caressed under my hungry hands, they are serving their one true purpose. It's as if, assigned the maternal duty of giving milk, they would turn away and sneer incredulously: NO WAY! That is not their destiny, and I am certain that this girl will never bear children. The thought endears her to me. I have always considered the concept of procreation to be somewhat anachronistic, at least insofar as it is considered a virtual requirement of maturity. Children, fatherhood--for me these things have no place; indeed, the reality of a scion would amount to nothing more than just another loose end in my life; worse, for it would extend beyond my life, beyond my control."
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Eddie Watkins Nice work.

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