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Sprout by Dale Peck
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Jul 05, 2009

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bookshelves: lgbtq, young-adult, romance, realistic-fiction
Read in October, 2009

"Sprout" is about Daniel Bradford, aka Sprout, a unique individual that has dyed his hair green and is also gay. And the thing is is that he though he knows he is gay, it's not like a secret or anything. He just doesn't want to come out to everyone at school, doesn't want the publicity or being known for that one aspect of his life. However, it's tough when your mom has passed away and your dad is always drunk, and on top of that he has just moved from his old home to some strange Kentucky place in the middle of nowhere. How is he going to win that state essay contest and find a boyfriend now...?

Goshh. I feel so many things for this book, and yet so little for it. I'm slightly dissapointed overall, I sorta feel bad cuz I expected a lot from it which is sorta unfair. Umm... where to go from here. Okay I'm going to start off by saying that I AM a male teenager who in many ways can relate to Sprout SITUATION-wise, I mean I'm not going to say it out right but I'm pretty sure you can guess what I mean when I say I know what he's going through the entire book... but uh yeah. So basically I am the target audience for the book, even though probably more people that weren't the intended target audience read it and liked it.

Moving on. What I wanted from this book was something... I don't know. Something that was simple and funny, or anything really. I guess I just wanted a character that I could relate to. Someone who knows what I am going through. At times I felt like I could connect to Sprout, but those times were limited. It's just that at the beggining his voice was really adult and not really teen-speak, at all. And even when it did become more teen-speak I felt he wasn't really communicating all that well, like he was constantly alluding to what he was trying to say instead of actually saying it. I'm pretty sure the author did this so that Sprout didn't seem really whiny, but idk, I found it hard to connect with him.

Plot plot plot. I had a real issue with the plot. Okay so basically NOTHING happens until Sprout meets a certain character, not saying who, and then at that point for the next like 50-100 pages I loved the book. Like, there was one moment where I started laughing out loud. Maybe that's why I'm giving the book three stars. But anyway, afterwards towards the end something else happens and the whole thing kinda breaks apart... I mean at one point Sprout's friend Ruthie tells him some news, and even though the news is big, it's pretty much not mentioned at all in the book after it was stated. Plot hole much?

So um yeah... I didn't really know what to say about this book and I think I kinda made my review unneccesarily long but oh wellz. It was funny at times but it wasn't a "What They Always Tell Us" or "Vast Fields of Ordinary". Not like I'm comparing, just saying. I need a good GLBT book! Rawrr.
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message 1: by Angelc (new)

Angelc Great review, Thomas! From your description, it does sounds good in theory, sorry it fell kinda flat.

Thomas Thanks... I just had trouble connecting with Sprout. For some reason I feel that although the book is about a teenager, it was meant to be read by older individuals... hmm.

message 3: by Angelc (new)

Angelc Interesting...they should have put it in the adult section, lol

message 4: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa Don't miss: "Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda", "Suicide Notes" and "Carry On" (Rainbow Rowell).

Thomas Vanessa wrote: "Don't miss: "Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda", "Suicide Notes" and "Carry On" (Rainbow Rowell)."

All great recommendations, Vanessa! I have not read Carry On but I look forward to doing so. :)

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