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The Pilgrims of Rayne by D.J. MacHale
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Jul 04, 2009

it was amazing

Ok, just started. I'm only on the first few pages and all... but I thought I'd write the review as I went.

My passion for the series has died out a bit, so it may be hard to get back into it. But, oh well, they're good enough to pull me back in eventually... even if I haven't read any for a few weeks. Or months >.>

Anyway, I have high expectations... so many promises already... ah... wonderfulness... I'm so liking it. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

More later...


OMGOODNESS. Awesomness! I ish in love with the characters all over again!!! Phew, I was worried there for awhile. But I was able to get back into it and start enjoying it again.

I keep laughing out loud, and my family will look at me like, "What?" Then I try to explain to them why it was funny, and they don't get it. I guess the series has a certain style of humour that one must be accustomed too. For instance, Saint Dane telling Siry he was the Boogey man was, to me, hilarious. Saint Dane keeps making me laugh. Honestly, I don't think he's supposed to do that. Or he is, actually... Anyway, the humour is STILL INTACT!!!

The story is as well. Ah, what a story! I've only just passed halfway through, so I don't know the big twist at the end yet. I'm excited though. I've come to expect this from the series.

For characters... The SIDE CHARACTERS ARE GETTING BETTER!!!! They feel almost... idk, HUMAN! Someone aside from the travelers gained a personality! Yay yay yay yay yeah!!! Ok, Siry reminds me of Spader. Or, rather, Spader's alter ego. He's a mirror image of Spader, only Spader is known to get along with EVERYONE and Siry is known to get along with NO ONE. Opposites and doubles at the same time. Wow...

I'm getting worried about like, half the characters. What will happen...? I wonder. Too much has happened suddenly in the past, and I try to be ready for it, then stuff catches me off guard again. Cleverness.

Ok, I made notes to myself to go onto specific topics...

First of all, Bobby's habit of ending on cliffhangers where he's about to die, then on the next journal, apologizing for it. To my knowledge, he doesn't do it in this book, but I didn't think to mention it 'till now. It's funny. It's kind of lame, but I actually really like it. Bobby ends it with say, a gun by his head. Then on the next journal says, "Sorry, I couldn't write any more because I was tired." It makes me smile.

Secondly, Saint Dane. Who is he, really? I'm getting seriously intersted. I THOUGHT I'd like him!!! He's so cool. What am I saying? Well, let's just say I've kinda felt bad for him the whole time. Especially as he started getting so desperate... I imagine him looking like Ansem from Kingdom Hearts ( but I think he's supposed to be more Darth Maul -ish. I don't know. Frankly, I like picturing him like Ansem. He has such an interesting personality... I must know more about him! I eesh insane!

Ok, some recurring themes I've noticed. First of all, Bobby has matured a lot. He thinks everyone is Saint Dane now. He is genuinly afraid of certain things, which makes him very believable. Yay to adreniline! Which makes no sense if you haven't read this. But even better than Bobby's suspicions is Courtney's suspicions. Ha, she's hilarious! XD

Bobby also has a tendancy to go to warn someone of danger, and they say, "Oh yeah, knew about that for a long time. We've got another plan!" Then they pull out some big gun that won't work but will backfire and hit them instead. Then somehow it will be stopped, or will actually hit them. It's a recurring pattern. Not an annoying one though. Just repetitive.

Also, it's amazing how Saint Dane makes everything, EVERYTHING wrong! Nothing anyone does is ever right. He twists things, changes things, forces people into breaking the rules. Supposedly all villains do that, but this is the first story I've read that actually shows him doing any of that. Saint Dane's manipulative skills are simply incredible. Bravo to MacHale!

Rated... PG for what we 'see' happens, but PG13 for some disturbing implications.

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