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Rock Your Soul by Sara Brookes
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The Romance Review

For the honor of Grayskull! 80's cartoon fans unite! Who doesn't like She-Ra? In ROCK YOUR SOUL, the nods to some of my favorite cartoons, sci-fi movies, sci-fi shows and video games makes me want to ravish Beth as much as Allison does, too.

In this second installment in the Geek Kink series, Ms. Brookes injects more geeky fun references to balance the somberness of BDSM. Who knew kinky BDSM could be such a downer? Beth Lawson is a recovering abused submissive. Her journey thus far into the BDSM world is fraught with poser dominants greedily seeking pleasure through her bloody pain. Her experiences read closely to warnings and examples to newbie BDSM lifestyles on what not to do.

Truth be told, there are people in the BDSM lifestyle who are there just to be abusive. They hide under the mantle of sadist yet violate all the tenets of a healthy BDSM relationship. These posers are the lowest of the low and unfortunately easily slip through the cracks. It appears Beth is also a magnet for scumbags. It's one after another for her. Perhaps there is something wrong with Beth. Her need to experience submission is so strong that it stops her brain from functioning logically. It could happen. Finally she wises up and takes a break from BDSM to get her act together. Still interested in the lifestyle, she searches for a Dom to reintroduce her to BDSM. Beth's quest leads her to Ryan.

Ryan is a conflicted Dom who is still trying to recover from the loss of his family. Taking on a submissive is the last thing he wants to do. Yet something about Beth calls to him. Since they have a mutual friend, he accepts the challenge to bring Beth back into the intense BDSM world.

Ms. Brookes mixes up sexy BDSM scenes with negative post traumatic flashbacks. It's kind of off-putting from an arousal standpoint. However, it does give the story a bit more of a melancholy bite. Balancing these heavy scenes is the cast of characters first introduced in Taking Over Me. Allison, Patrick, Elena, Dade and several others all show up with small parts. This helps build a sense of community which is very appealing. There are also new characters brought in to intrigue the reader. What is going on with Ryan's brothers? There are so many secondary characters in this book demanding for their own stories to be told. It's quite exciting as hints of each character's past hooks a reader in. These connections is what helps this book read so smooth and good.

The little twist of an obsessive ex-dominant keeps my attention. It gives this book a bit of tension which isn't supplied through sexual fervor.

This erotic tale is recommended to all geeky kinksters. There are many of us out there getting our kink on.

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