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Good Girls by Laura Ruby
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Jul 02, 2009

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Even good girls go bad sometimes and thanks to Kodak those bad times are sometimes immortalized in 5 x 7. In Good Girls by Laura Ruby, Audrey has one of these moments. The golden haired princess is photographed in an uncompromising position (to illicit to mention here) with the blonde, blue-eyed Ken of her high school, otherwise named Luke DeSalvio…get it DeSalvio? You know, someone that gets your mouth watering? Well, that’s the exact reaction he gets from Audrey anytime he’s around. Too bad Luke only pays attention to Audrey’s lips and body in dark corners, abandoned bedrooms, and the back of his mom’s green van. The thing is, though, he really seems to be like an actual nice guy—he says all the right things and really knows how to make her heart flip. So, who can blame Audrey for being tired an upset over a love affair she wants public but Luke is determined to keep private? She wants Luke to want more and she wants Luke to be left begging for more, so without much thought Audrey does what she knows she shouldn’t and afterwards breaks up him coldly and without explanation. Well, somehow someone snaps a photo of the x-rated event and the next morning... Now, don’t go thinking the novel is full of explicit description and language just because of Audrey’s predicament. Somehow the book manages to stay light in regards to the teenage sexual experience, but yet still provides a candid, honest look at the typical thoughts and behaviors of many teenage girls…It’s what parents don’t want to know, but what is definitely going on. A little bit more about the Good Girls..Auderey goes from blonde to brunette, from innocent to not so innocent, from semi-boyfriend to ultra-embarrassment, from no-boyfriend to a potential mature relationship. Near the end of the book, there is a fairly strong push by a church pastor as to the benefits of sexual intimacy in the confines of marriage and also brings out the trend of some Christian teens to become born-again virgins. Full review at http://athenasbooks.blogspot.com

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