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Voracious by Violet Blue
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May 18, 2013

it was amazing
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Title: Voracious
Story Rating: (paddles) 5/5
Sting Factor: (kink) 5/5
Violet Blue is an editor that turns desire on its head at every turn. Just when I think an anthology can’t get any hotter, Voracious comes across my desk and I am hopelessly enthralled. Or I guess the right term is voraciously enthralled. The title really does say it all.
The foreword by Molly Weatherfield (Carrie, Safe Word) sets the stage for a festival of wanting, needing each and every story within the cover of this book. Nineteen tales of unbridled lust and some very original points of view make this anthology one that will have you looking at things in a whole new light. Sting is king here, make no mistake about it.
“Chill” by Kathleen Bradean is a story that pushes boundaries in every possible way. The kink factor here had me biting my knuckles and holding my breath at every turn of the page. Pure unadulterated bone chilling to the death cold is the subject of this story. This is her fantasy. To bathe in a tub of ice water, paint her nails blue and look the part of the corpse she is trying to become and feel the warmth of the only thing that will satisfy her dark cravings. The scene is set, the clinical atmosphere pervades and then the warm hot explosion that becomes the center of her universe. It left me gasping. I want more.
“Becky” by Kay Jaybee is an job you will never forget. We all know about performance plans and developmental discipline. What happens when Becky spills the coffee and the whole office gets to watch her very public shaming? An epic story of impact play and control, “Becky” made me long for a really good caning and had me squirming in my seat. Yes, this tale is a multifaceted festival of lights. Voyeurism, impact play, f/f, m/f and some pretty strict working conditions made this one scorcher of a read.
“Electric Razor” by Irma Wimple gave me a whole new appreciation for all the little appliances in our lives that buzz by without being noticed. Take the handy electric razor. Betcha won’t take it for granted any more after you read this hot little number. Electric drill bits, washers on spin cycles… a blender on whirl. This story has me eyeing things in my house with evil intent and I can’t wait to see what else Irma Wimple has hiding up her naughty sleeves.
“Worth It” by Alison Tyler has to be one of the most erotic anal sex stories I have ever read. Wanting and longing for the touch of a lover that just isn’t interested pushes our girl to new heights of suggestion and creativity. Alison Tyler never disappoints. Ever.
“Voice of an Angel” by Teresa Noelle Roberts is one of the stories that really stands out for its sheer sexiness. Does music turn you on? It does for Jessie, the lady of the hour for this story. When she hears Daniel sing at her new job at the opera house, she can’t stop touching herself. It is electric. During a costume fitting, fantasy becomes reality and the erotic nature of voice ratchets this tale to soaring heights of decadent fantasy. Lust inspiring and amazing.
“Animals” by Rachel Kramer Bussel seduces you by force into a story so hot, you better be ready to scream your own release at the end. Oh, and have some ice water handy too. Raw unbridled sex and animalistic wildness bring this story to pulse pounding action enough to send me over the edge at least once, just by reading. This is a thigh clencher.
Voracious is just what the title suggests. Each of the nineteen stories in this collection meets editor Violet Blue’s exquisite standards of taste and sheer kink. These are not your run of the mill girl meets flogger stories. Oh no. This is the stuff that new fetishes are born from. These stories will haunt your daydreams and have you begging for more.

Reviewed by: Erzabet
Tags: kink, anal sex, cold, voice, discipline, impact play, voyeurism,

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