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it was amazing
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Curse you Samantha Shannon!!! You go and create this amazingly original book, and then make me wait for the rest?! I'm not going to make it. If you need me to *ahem* check the future books for...something...I'm more than willing. Jus'sayin. Now on to the book review!!

All clairvoyance was prohibited, of course, but the kind that made money was a downright sin. They had a special term for it: mime-crime.

This story is incredibly original (for me), and really intense! Though I really loved it, there are some issues that you should be prepared for. There are a lot of new terms introduced, and very little explanation, but trying to use the word in the sentence doesn't always help, nor does the Kindle provide definitions. If you're reading the print version though, you might have an easier time because there are glossaries (one at the start, and one at the end, so there's plenty of definitions, lol, and they are very needed). This might be my biggest complaint, though as you can tell, it didn't stop me from loving this story at all.

There is also a lot of info-dumping, and it's so fast that it feels pretty awkward at times. For example, when I was only at 11% I had learned so much that I was getting a little confused. This is something I'm sure that as the author gets more experienced will become much better. All this aside, I was still able to become completely engrossed in this book, and still hate that it's over. For me, that will prove that the book is good, because I've been far less forgiving of these kinds of issues in other books. Make sense? I hope so.

The story is set in the future, the year 2056 to be exact, and in this world there has been an "epidemic" of clairvoyance! However, as you have probably guessed by the use of 'epidemic' the people who have these gifts are not embraced by the rest of the public. They are feared and treated like criminals, which funnily enough, leads them to become criminals as part of different syndicates.

Our protagonist, Paige, is pretty wonderful. She's tough, likeable, intense, and I love her. The gang that Paige belongs to is widely known to be one of the best, and has some of the best types of voyants to back up this fame. Paige herself is one of the rarest voyants who can actually see people's dreamscapes, and that is how she ends up captured and going through an intense adventure.

There is the very beginnings of a romance here, and one that I thought I would see coming, and then kept changing my mind about because Paige seemed to buck the cliches, but in the end, I'm glad it worked out how it did. Samantha Shannon can write tension like a pro, and even though it was barely more than a kiss, I was over the moon, and crushed at the same time. Well done Ms. Shannon, well done!

I think it unfair to put a comparison to J. K. Rowling on her shoulders, but Ms. Shannon is definitely an author I think will become a name in and of herself. She's one that I have on my radar and will follow this series with rabid fangirl need.

To attempt to surmise my point here, I would say that this is one of the series to watch, and I predict it will be huge! I recommend it to everyone who likes originality, strong heroines, scary villains, swoon-worthy/smexy/surprising love interests, and a story that won't let go.

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11.0% "This is really awkward for a beginning. Info dumps, new terms with no explanation, and really fast. A lot has happened for it to only be 11%, but hopefully it'll be less frenetic as it goes on. I would not claim this author the next J.K. Rowling though, unless it shows up later?!"
May 29, 2013 –
14.0% "This is getting interesting!"
May 29, 2013 –
20.0% "I just wish I had more so that things made a little more sense to me. I've noticed that I know nothing when it comes to British slang too, lol. Still, all that aside, I'm feeling pretty excited about this story as a whole."
May 30, 2013 –
May 30, 2013 –
47.0% ""I meant no offence," he said, "but it must be this way." "Why? Because you said so?" snort...there's my girl."
May 30, 2013 –
53.0% "whew! that was wicked intense!"
May 31, 2013 –
65.0% "I didn't want to put this down last night!"
May 31, 2013 –
65.0% "It is time to read once more!\n \n description"
May 31, 2013 –
98.0% "zomg, how could you end it like that! you're mean and cruel and I'm mad at you now! how will I survive the wait for the second book?! how!"
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tthepageturner Yay! So glad you enjoyed this. I'm currently working on my review, and I'm worried it's getting a bit rambly, haha! xD Beyond excited for the sequel!

message 2: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet 5??! Woah! I've been really curious about this one.
Waiting for your review :)

Brandi I'm rambling too Renu, haha! Glad it's not just me that got all discombobulated, lol!!!

Scarlet, this was awesome! I'll post an update when I've finished the review. :)

message 4: by Navessa (new) - added it

Navessa Aaaaaand now I want to read this

Brandi Review is up!

You need to read this! I'll be buying this one in hardcover as well. Mind=blown.

message 6: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Great review Brandi!! Originality is sure a rare trait in YA books these days! Good to know the romance doesn't overpower the plot.
Must read this :)

SubterraneanCatalyst Hmm you made a YA book actually seem interesting. I might actually attempt this book once the others are released!* Good review Brandi :)

*Since I'm impatient between series books and also I hate forgetting details lol

message 8: by Jill (new)

Jill Yay, I'm excited! I saw the article a few months back with the comparisons to JK Rowling and have been intrigued ever since.

It's supposed to be a seven book series, yes? Is there an overarching plot that will likely stretch for all seven books accompanied by an individual plot for book 1?

Brandi @Scarlet, not even a little bit! It was actually towards the end. And wonderful.

@Subcat, oh yes, I expect this will be one you'll really love too!

@Jill, it was that comparison that prompted me to read this too, lol. In my opinion yes, to your plot question. I think it'll be that way for each, with Paige facing a difference challenge each book while the overarching plot puts along. There's so much depth to this, that it doesn't even concern me that there's seven books planned, because I feel certain that it won't get old by book five.

message 10: by Jill (new)

Jill Pleased to hear that, Brandi! I'm not the biggest fan of series since I forget what happens between books and often the quality will decrease by the time you get close to finishing them. But the one thing I love about series (even though it's hard to find) are intricate, long-term plots that as a reader, you can spend time trying to unravel and predict in between book releases.

Two series like that are the Fever series and Harry Potter (of course). I had so much fun trying to piece together the overarching mysteries for those. Haha, now you have me even MORE excited for this!

Brandi It makes me think more of a HP type journey, more than Fever, and holy mother of all things holy did Fever make me psycho trying to work out what Barrons was! lol! GAWD!

message 12: by Jill (new)

Jill Brandi wrote: "It makes me think more of a HP type journey, more than Fever, and holy mother of all things holy did Fever make me psycho trying to work out what Barrons was! lol! GAWD!"

Thank GOD, I read Fever series after it was all published. But I was still in agony wondering what had happened in the few hours it took me to get the next book at the library! :)

Brandi LUCKY! I was in agony for YEARS!

(view spoiler)

Tandie This is my next book. I have this annoying (yet entertaining at the same time) problem. My BFF since 6th grade & I thought 'boner' was the funniest word ever. We called City of Bones 'City of Boners' and now it transforms every book title. This one reads 'Boner Season' to my childish immature mind. Sigh...

Shandra I waited for the romance to blossom too and was so sad we only got to see such a small portion of it!!!! I was also elated when the kiss happened!!! I can't wait to see what happens between them in the next book and am also saddened at the thought of waiting for the story to continue. Great review!! :0)

Brandi Tandie, you dork, hahaha! Now that's stuck in my head. :p

Thanks, Shandra ^-^

message 17: by Navessa (new) - added it


Tandie I don't even fight the dorkiness anymore. It does seem more like something 12 year old BOYS would be amused by. I still think boner & wiener are hilarious words. My all time favorite funny word is TURD. My kids groan when I point out that Saturday is the funniest day of the week because it has a little turd in it. I hope you all still want to be friends with me ;-)

message 19: by Sharon (last edited Sep 03, 2013 07:06AM) (new) - added it

Sharon L LOL Tandie....Oh no, I think you may affected me to. this word will never be the same for me. and don't find the dorkiness- cause dork is cool! And you better stay around!

@Brandi- great review, now I'm torn, you liked it and Khanh didn't I guess I'll have to see for myself...:)

Brandi I'll keep you around Tandie. ;)

It needs some forgiveness for sure, but I loved it. Hopefully you'll be on my side of the divide lol

message 21: by Sharon (new) - added it

Sharon L I hope so too.

Tandie Love you guys!

Soumi I'm enjoying the book so far. And yeah, I love Warden.

Brandi Yay!! I'm so glad, there's a lot of mixed feelings about this book. I'm hoping the next one will read much smoother. ^-^

Soumi I hope that as well. I guess, if one survives the ambiguous info-dump in the first chapter, the book becomes a lot smoother.

Taylor Bolin SO HAPPY someone enjoyed this book as much as me!!!

Brandi ^_^ We may be few, but we're here, lol!

Shandra I absolutely loved this book!! I struggled at first but I was hooked!!!

Brandi Yay!! The author said she was getting much better with not info-dumping, so I'm hopeful the next book won't require so much forgiveness. ^_^

Erica Ravenclaw Adding it.

Nenia ⚡ Aspiring Evil Overlord ⚡ Campbell Great review, Brandi! :)

Kathleen Just started, about 10%, but the time period is off. I'm wondering if there's an explanation for this? 2056 is not that far off. And she talks about 1859 an oxford university fire that did not happen. And her depiction of Edward VII is off. These details bug me.

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