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The Devil Inside by Jenna Black
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Jun 28, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal-romance

"Your methods could use some work, but your heart is in the right place," is Morgan Kinsley is described. In a world where demons live in this world, called the Mortal Realm, she's an exorcist. The incorporeal demons can only live in this realm if they inhabit the body of a human host. They must be willingly offer their bodies. Morgan exorcises rogue demons, those who force themselves on unwilling humans. She hates demons, the reason unfolds as the story continues.

And one of her terrible discoveries is that she has been forced to host a demon, against its will. The story unfolds violently and in riveting ways. An absorbing, edgy, strong urban fantasy.

I don't usually like books with this much violence and edgy sex, which in the realm of such things probably isn't a lot. It's enough for me but the story and the characters carry the day. Morgan is a compelling, likeable, smartmouthed heroine with some surprising prudishness. Her courage is so human and her fears real; she's really honest about all that. Imperfect, she is loving and bold. I look forward to reading others in the series.


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