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Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
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Jun 27, 2009

it was amazing
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This is older Neal Stephenson, where the flippant smartass was still driving the literature bus. If you want your Stephenson in "extra flippant," try Zodiac: An Eco Thriller. If you like medium pith, you'll like Snow Crash. If you like mild pith, with a side of surreal, go for Diamond Age. If you want mild pith with a heaping dose of historical and present day geekery, read Cryptonomicon.

My only beef with Snow Crash is the dip that goes a touch too far into the sumarian mythology. It is part of the plot, yet doesn't quite feel like it fits - it's a bit like riding a bicycle into a sandpit. We were going fast, but now we're ass over teakettle. Then we pick up the bike, shake ourselves off and get rolling again.

The pace is otherwise lively, quick and the read enjoyable, smartassy, a bit surreal and probably a lot easier to relate to now that online gaming is a household word. We can identify just a little easier with being hot sh#t in the metaverse these days, than we could in the 80's.

One of my all time favorites. Initially I'd read my husband's copy, but soon it was apparent we needed a "his" and "hers."

Added to the Recommend shelf, as it is an excellent introduction to cyber-punk without being too heavy or SO geeked out you can't follow. Language warning for folks who stress over the F bomb.

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